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Posted: 9/6/2004 5:26:35 PM EDT
I had a beautiful rack of BabyBack ribs on the grill - I figured five more minutes will do the trick.

Came to my 'puter room to check arfcom one last time before dinner..... Big mistake!

Went to the grill five minutes ago and the whole rib section had ignited and gone up in flames.... Awww Shhiittt!

Now I got corn on the cob and maybe one or two salvagable rib bites...

OK - learned my lesson, no arfcom while grilling!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:38:44 PM EDT
Sorry to hear that! When they are done uploading, I'll post my tribiute to Islam Labor Day Kabob pics!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:41:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2004 6:08:40 PM EDT by mjohn3006]
Do you have pie though??
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:43:15 PM EDT
What about mounting a PC on your grill...you can grill and surf ARFCOM!!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:01:29 PM EDT
I would like to see a pic of the BBQ in process!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:33:14 PM EDT
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