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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/10/2001 5:47:17 PM EST
Well, yesterday I bought by pelet gun CZ-Slavia 631 .177 for $100 (700fps) and put a mini-Harris bypod and a Tasco 3-12X52 on it. At 50 ft. I can take a dime all day long and at 100yr I can take a soda can in the center. That IS fun! I placed a lit candle at 50 ft. and in the second shot I tool the wick out. Tell yours.
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 5:50:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/10/2001 5:44:34 PM EST by Green_Furniture]
Well, I shot a crow in my backyard from my office window with only one pump of my Crossman. Does that count? Ok, does this? My GSP was on point with it for a good ten minutes, although it was already dead.
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:18:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:21:16 PM EST
I'm so dangerous the State made me get a concealed weapons permit to wear gloves... [:D]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:37:00 PM EST
State recognizes my hands as lethal...if that accounts for anything. On the downside, I'm legally fucked if I screw up somebody bad enough. Que sera, guess that just means I'll have to use bullets!! [:D]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:44:25 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/10/2001 6:37:53 PM EST by AlphaBobRI]
Watch your six... I fart thunder and crap lightning!! [:E]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:49:05 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:50:59 PM EST
Not only that, but I have to fill out an environmental impact study just to take a dump! [puke]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:52:44 PM EST
Somethings should just be left unsaid. I am the baddest bad boy in the IT department, when they need a knife or have trouble with a person, they get me. Ice
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:57:31 PM EST
It's a burden, I know, needing a Class 3 permit, but when you have a body like mine, it's a price you have to pay! [;)]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 7:11:30 PM EST
I really did this!!! This one time my Grandad and me when out to the range,I had my 12ga and he had his old 1911. Grandad was a real bad ass,he could shoot a fly's d!ck at 1,000 yards with a handgun. He asks me"if I toss this shell up in the air do you think you can ht it?" I did not know,I said" hell yes!"(did not want to be a wussie) So he tossed the damn thing in the air and BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!...............nothing! So he dose it again.....BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! ...........NOTHING![:(] I said this is bull,I know I'll hitting it the shot is just to light to move it. Out comes to 00 buck[:D] BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!...........NOTHING! DAMN IT! I can't hit the damn thing to save my a$$! After this I say to hell with it,then a guy comes over from the skeet side of the range and says"ok smart a$$ you can shoot real good now if you don't stop shooting my clays every time I toss one I'll kick you a$$" You can call me Mr. Skeet thank you[:D]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 7:44:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 7:48:10 PM EST
And there was this one time at band camp...
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 7:53:40 PM EST
i can hit the broad side of a barn door so if any barn doors need killing call me
Link Posted: 11/11/2001 1:09:25 AM EST
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