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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/18/2002 12:25:34 PM EST
[b][red]'Let not your heart be troubled...'[/red][/b], a3kid and his family are doing much, much better. He mentioned that he might not be around here as much as he liked, but that his absence is not due to any personal problems or anything like that. He's just gotten real busy! Our prayers for him and his family are greatly appreciated, and have worked wonders! [b]So keep it up![/b] (That's from me) Eric The(Brotherly)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/18/2002 12:27:58 PM EST
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Link Posted: 3/18/2002 12:36:09 PM EST
Yes, it is, indeed, [b]raf![/b] I hope that one day he will be able to share all of his stories with us, 'cause I have a feeling that all of us could use some of the same sort of encouraging words and fervent prayers that he's received from us. I know I could use a few myself. BTW, [b]raf[/b], I tried to IM you back, but to no avail. All I got was the 'Sorry, but that user's mailbox is full' message. Eric The(ThankfulForAllOurBrothersAndSisters)Hun[>­]:)]
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 5:43:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/23/2002 5:52:12 AM EST by a3kid]
Yes indeed. The power of prayer is unbelieveable. Thanks to all of you who took time to pray, email or call me. Your support in our times of struggle means so much to me. I can't thank you enough! Looking forward to meeting you all at the BRC! [heavy]
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 5:47:39 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 5:50:25 AM EST
Originally Posted By thebeekeeper1: a3Kid, I hope things continue to improve. ColtShorty called me the other night to offer an update. Best wishes, we have similar problems. I wish you well, my friend. [:)]
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Thank you, oh Keeper of Bees! I'm very much looking forward to meeting you at the BRC too! Once in a while life kicks you in the face & if it weren't for the support of friends like y'all, I'd stay down for alot longer than I did. You guys picked me up & dusted me off & now I'm ready for another round! [b]Let's Roll![/b] [:D]
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