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Posted: 6/26/2003 6:06:09 AM EST
What do you recommend in a "tactical" sling for an Bushmaster M4forgery with an A2 stock?
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:08:34 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:08:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/26/2003 6:10:06 AM EST by AILapua]
I have a couple Tactical Taylor slings, both have given good service thus far. Edited since I had a brain fart. It is Tac Taylor
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:10:38 AM EST
Check out CQB Solutions. Quality gear. They have several tactical sling setups. I have a three point with the QD, and it's great, and I also have the drop leg mag pouch. I highly recommend their products. They are top notch QUALITY. As soon as they release the drop leg pistol holster, I'm going to snag one ASAP.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:20:06 AM EST
I can't remember what is the proper name, but I bought one of the IDF slings, and have been very happy with it. I'm sure someone hear can post a link to getting one. I am very happy with mine.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:48:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/26/2003 8:16:48 AM EST by Dolomite]
The "nifty" thing about tactical slings (besides making you look really, really, ninja-esque) is not how they always seem to be getting hung up on shit (or how they make you have to unsling when dropping out from the left side of cover), nope - it's going to be that time Barney Fife rolls up on you while you've got some asshole face down in reverse crucifixion on your lawn and nervously screams at you to drop your weapon - [b]and the first thing you do to comply is put both hands on your black rifle and begin to raise it[/b]. See, he's not responding to the 911 call from your wife back in the house - uh-uh, he picked up the call from some random-fuck driving by reporting a man with a machine gun. At this point you are owned. After Dep. Fife launches his one and only 158 grain FMJ from his Colt Police Positive .38 Special at 775 FPS and punches out your throat and C3 with a lucky shot - he'll have absolutely zero problems 'splaining his actions to what was an obviously furtive movement from what he thought was some whacko with a deadly "Assault Weapon". Slings are baggage. (How's THAT for a Keyboard Kommando assessment?) Anyway, I like The Wilderness and Tactical Tailor. TT uses softer material, which the skin on the side of my neck appreciates, but The Wilderness sling is so freakin' tough it could probably double as a towrope.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 6:59:17 AM EST
Originally Posted By Dolomite: (How's THAT for a Keyboard Kommando assessment?)
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Wow. It's got a great beat, and it's easy to dance to. I give it a 9, Dick.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 7:19:30 AM EST
I have two carbines and I have a Giles Wilderness 3 point sling on one and a CQB 3 point with a quick detach buckle on the other one. They both work great. I think the CQB might be less expensive than the Giles.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:43:26 AM EST
Originally Posted By guns762: I can't remember what is the proper name, but I bought one of the IDF slings, and have been very happy with it. I'm sure someone hear can post a link to getting one. I am very happy with mine.
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Got mine from Tim Weaver at Practical Tactical [url]http://www.practicaltactical.net/html/idf_sling.html[/url] and have also been very satisfied with it.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 1:16:43 PM EST
That's it Wildcat, but I got mine from some guy on the net from Israel. I think it was only about @15.00 also, maybe 18.00 shipped? Can't remember so don't quote me on that, but I think that is close. There were a whole bunch of us that bought them from the guy. Pretty quick delivery also, considering where they were coming from.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 2:55:51 PM EST
I was issued the Eagle version by Uncle Sugar. It's wide and well made and looks pretty cool but it's not all that versatile. I have the Boonie Packer sling also (sold thru Dillon Precision) and it works really well. The simple tab-flap to retain it in the high carry position is much better than a buckle, and allows the slider to go farther up, so you can have a high carry, low carry, and a hand's free 'port arms' carry. I use these at work about 50 hours a week, and the Boonie Packer is really the most functional, even though I wish they had used wider material.
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