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Posted: 10/8/2007 2:20:40 PM EST
October 8, 2007

ISF, USSOF destroy explosive production facility; kill five following suicide-vest attack
Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

BALAD, Iraq – In two separate operations Oct. 6, Iraqi Security Forces, with U.S. Special Operations Forces as advisers, destroyed a homemade explosive production facility near Fallujah and killed five insurgents after a suicide-vest attack in Baghdad.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces conducted an early-morning raid to detain an al Qaeda in Iraq Amir for the Arab Jabour area who is suspected of being involved in small-arms fire, deeply buried and vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attacks, as well as extra-judicial killings.

While the assault force went in pursuit of two fleeing insurgents, one of the insurgents detonated a suicide-vest killing himself and another insurgent. Two U.S. Special Forces Soldiers received minor shrapnel wounds and have returned to duty.

During the assault five enemy insurgents were killed in a small-arms firefight. One insurgent was wounded and taken into custody with six other suspected insurgents.

In an earlier operation, Iraqi Security Forces conducted an intelligence-driven helicopter raid on a known HME production facility, detaining one suspected insurgent, southeast of Lake Thar Thar.

While clearing the buildings located near Fallujah, the assault force discovered multiple types of rounds and weapons. The detained insurgent tested positive for nitrates and explosives residue on his hands. Additionally, multiple rolls of plastic film which had obviously been used for drying explosives, was identified.

There were scattered piles of HME throughout the film and some scattered HME outside the targeted building. Because of the instability of the HME, close air support was called in to destroy the building with a well-aimed proportionate fire. No civilians, U.S. or Iraqi Forces were injured during the raid or destruction of the building.

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