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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/6/2002 12:26:26 PM EST
CONCEALED CARRY, INC. PREDICTION OF GOP DEVASTATION NOW A REALITY - WE HATE BEING RIGHT * CONCEALED CARRY, INC. MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE: www.concealcarry.org/members/ GOP TAUGHT A LESSON THEY WILL NOT SOON FORGET - NOW DEMOCRATS WILL TEACH US A LESSON By John Birch, President, Concealed Carry, Inc., PO BOX 4597, Oak Brook, IL 60523, Tel: 630 660-3935 Fax: 815 327-1152 Email: john@concealcarry.org After years of taking everyone for granted, especially gun owners, the GOP finally had their head handed back to them on a platter. They are finished, washed up, forgotten at least until 2006. TO JIM RYAN: You betrayed us and deservedly lost. If you wish to atone you should render a favorable legal opinion on "fanny pack" carry before you are replaced by Lisa Madigan who is sure to be a most prolific author of anti-gun opinion. When I saw you in Oak Brook at J. Alexander's during lunch yesterday (election day) you had the look of a man shot between the eyes and stil standing. It was clear you were defeated and you knew it. I was struck by the fact you had a body guard one table over. Guess you won't be needing anyone with a gun around from now on eh? Don't forget, once you are out of office having a gun for self-defense is a FELONY thanks largely to YOU! Enjoy reaping your harvest in a nice long retirement OUT OF PUBLIC LIFE. TO JOE BIRKETT: Lisa gave you the perfect chance to explain why Concealed Carry would save lives in Illinois. Instead you DENIED, DENIED, DENIED. As a result no one believed you on either side of the issue . Joe, if you aspire to an office higher than DuPage State's Attorney you will need to get your mind right on concealed carry. We will help. TO THE VOTERS: Good job giving the GOP the beating they so richly deserved. TO THE I$RA-PVF: Well now that you are totally irrelevant what happens next? I guess a plea for more money so you can do it again? How are you going to spin this year's election results as a "victory" for gun owners? I can't wait. Your trashing of Cal Skinner to give a stealth endorsement to Jim Ryan was despicable and beneath contempt. Frankly gun owners could make donations to Sarah Brady and do less harm to gun rights than to give money to the I$RA-PVF. At least you kept what is left of the GOP happy. TO MR. DAVID K: Is it true you have a new web site? Tell us more....meoowwwwwwww! TO CAL SKINNER: You were truly the hero of the hour. I enjoyed your victory party and frankly you may not have won the election but you won our admiration and respect. You are the one who can walk tall at the end of the day. TO ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Take your best shot. TO LISA MADIGAN: Ditto TO GUN OWNERS: Looks like we finally got the fight we have been spoiling for. Now we have to let Rod and Lisa take the first shot but once they do we will be tested. NRA lobbyist and I$RA political trickster Todd Vandermyde will get to do what he does best for gun rights: Lead our defensive squad. It will be up to groups like Champaign County Rifle Association and Concealed Carry, Inc. though to go on offense. And from the reaction to our class to build a legal "no serial number" AR-15 I'd say a good many of you are ready to enter the realm of the civil disobedience world and reclaim your rights. However, if gun owners continue to sit on their collective ass, just change the name of Illinois to California. TO CONCEALED CARRY, INC.: Be careful what you wish for. We are now in a de facto state of war with our elected government. The question is no longer if our government will come after our guns, but which guns will they come after first? When? How? ********************************* Do a friend a favor...pass this copy of CC NEWS on! ********************************* ********************************** To subscribe to CC NEWS, just email mailto:john@concealcarry.org ********************************** Well what's next now? We can either give up or keep fighting. Expect a quick action by the Fascists, Socialists and Communists to erase any remainder of freedom in the state. Stay tuned! Steve
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