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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 10/5/2002 1:38:19 PM EDT
If a person hypothetically happened to own a SAR1 and then hypothetically got one of those K-var Bulgarian AK74 kits, and realized that the strange doohickey on the trigger and other strange part were for select-fire, which is illegal and morally wrong, would one hypothetically be in legal trouble? Would those hypothetical parts be enough in the you-know-who's eyes to constitute intent to have a hypothetical illegal machinegun? If so, what would one hypothetically do? Thanks!
Link Posted: 10/5/2002 8:23:11 PM EDT
Contrary to (what seems to be) popular opinion, it's not illegal to have SOME M16 parts in an AR-15, provided that the rifle does not fire automatically. It is however strongly discouraged by ATF, which agency has claimed that they can make your AR-15 fire automatically if there are any M16 parts installed. No such similar advisory has been issued for AK clones. Possession of a COMPLETE AK or M16 set of parts, in conjunction with a semi auto rifle into which they could be installed, is a possible "constructive possession" charge, if you're caught, and ATF chooses to prosecute you. The idea behind "constructive possession" is that if you've got no legal way to use the parts in your possession, and at least one illegal way, then it can be inferred by ATF and the court that you intended to violate the NFA. If you alter the parts to semi spec, or give them to someone else so they're no longer in your possession, or sell them, then there's no problem. Or, if you're really worried, just chuck the naughty bits in the trash. Given that you probably got the kit to build a legal semi-auto AK, You'll need to replace a lot of the parts with US parts to comply with 922(r), so sell them or trash them. Some you can keep and convert to semi specs. This involves: 1. Lose the auto sear, auto sear spring and auto sear axis pin. 2. Lose the hammer, trigger and disconnector, as they're the most commonly available quality US parts you can get to make your parts count 3. Keep the bolt carrier - but you can grind off the sear trip on the lower right corner. 4. Grind the "step" off the bottom middle of the selector lever, so it can't act upon a full auto disconnector. Or, sell the whole set on subguns.com or sturmgewehr.com and use the money towards your semi-auto and US-made compliance parts.
Link Posted: 10/6/2002 7:24:32 PM EDT
Thanks a lot. I didn't realize the selector and bolt carrier were a problem. It's too bad they can't sell a kit that is semi-only and 922r compliant.
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