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Posted: 9/25/2001 9:53:27 AM EDT
I am new. I had to see what this was all about since my hubby and his buddy live on here! When I saw Ar15.com , I thought it was a bunch of psycho gun nuts talking about psycho gun stuff but let me tell you I was wrong. You all seem like good people. Nothing wrong with a lil fun gunnin' sometimes, though. Well, I'll be seeing alot of ya'll cuz NOW I am addicted! MOVE OVER 5150Bry cuz wifey's coming thru..... [0:)] [newbie] [smoke]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:04:43 AM EDT
Welcome aboard. Be warned, some of us are psycho gun nuts, but most of us are just Joe Better-Armed-Than-Average. [:)]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:05:54 AM EDT
Welcome, Please read Allege handgun control master plan for TOTAL Gun Confiscation Dis-Armament. [url]www.RKBA.org/antis/hci-master[/url] ^ [size=1]Revelation 13:18 ID-GPS-MONEY Implant Micro-chip[/size=1][url]http://www.DigitalAngel.net/da/tech.htm[/url] Never Again, Never Forget Seek the Truth Liberate Your Mind FIXED BAYONETS VX
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:19:54 AM EDT
Welcome!! Glad to have another lady on board!
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:21:52 AM EDT
Welcome to the coolest site going....Psycho gun nuts ????? I resemble that remark.. [50] [kill]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:43:07 AM EDT
Welcome! We don't have a lot of lady shooters around here, but there are few. Please free to jump in, and add your comments and questions. We have a lot of technical people here from many different professions from doctors, lawyers to indian chiefs. We are also multi-national, we have people from Italy, Netherlands, Britain, Australia. Please don't take anything around here personally and Things can get a bit salty. But they tell it as they see it.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:46:38 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:49:34 AM EDT
Originally Posted By warlord: Welcome! We don't have a lot of lady shooters around here
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Millsap, that was your chance to say,"That's no lady, that's my wife!" Please don't hit me ,Karri.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:15:34 PM EDT
Damm woman is trying to take over every thing. First it was the tv remote then the part of frig. where the beer goes. She thinks all my weapons are now hers. And now she's got the balls to try to move in on our site. hahahaha but I still love her, Welcome aboard honey! [sex]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:24:14 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 5150sWife: I thought it was a bunch of psycho gun nuts
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Hey! I resemble the incineration beyond that remark!! [BD]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:25:11 PM EDT
Welcome aboard, my old lady (ya I mean OLD) has decided to take up the M17s, after years of trying to get her to learn, now she wants too. Why she chose the bullpup? No idea!! But, hey, it works for me. SFC(ret) Rew E. Williams
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:25:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/25/2001 12:25:44 PM EDT by jsr75]
A warm welcome to the new lady of the board! As one member said, please don't take anything personally on this board. If you start to feel your fingernails retracting just step back from the keyboard and calm down. There have been moments in the past where our lady friends were offended by our not so politically correct tone. So hop on board and please try to bear with us.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:25:38 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 5150BRY: Welcome aboard honey! [sex]
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[:D]C'mon 5150BRY, get a hotel room!! [:D]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:37:06 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 12:47:15 PM EDT
Welcome aboard. I wish my wife saw value in reading this board. Watch out for HEILO, He has an ongoing thing for female members of this board! HA (by the way where the hell is Heilo)
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 6:51:18 PM EDT
Welcome! As one of the few female members here, I just have to tell you....this is a great bunch of guys. Sure, they get a little crude sometimes, but what the heck. Boys will we boys, after all. You'll never find a nicer bunch, and I'd bet on that. I got here the same way you did, and I was hooked from day one. You'll learn a lot from these guys, and they'll even entertain you for free...lots of comedians here! [;)] Glad to have you aboard, sister!!
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 6:56:31 PM EDT
Oh man who told their wife about this place. I hope he did not give away the secret handshake. [:D] Just kidding... Welcome to the black rifle country. My name is lordtrader, I am the resident goofball.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 6:59:49 PM EDT
Welcome , one and all , We need you . It's good to get an opinion from the fairer sex now and again .
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 7:01:39 PM EDT
Lock up Imbroglio and Lordtrader now Jaw in the hall cpermd
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 7:05:12 PM EDT
Howdy right back young lady.Welcome.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 7:10:01 PM EDT
Welcome, and don't believe any of the doctors. They are actually patients [moon]
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 7:23:28 PM EDT
I resemble that remark! cpermd
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 8:26:54 PM EDT
Hi there! [:D][:D][:D] ColtShorty GOA KABA COA JPFO SAF NRA "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 10:27:34 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 12:23:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 12:46:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/26/2001 1:06:56 AM EDT by platform389]
Originally Posted By 5150sWife: When I saw Ar15.com , I thought it was a bunch of psycho gun nuts talking about psycho gun stuff
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[:D] No,no,no. We are all supposed to be myogistic psycho gun nuts... Wasn't that what the Hedo people called us all while back?[:D] Anyway, welcome![8D]
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 1:36:22 AM EDT
Married? Crap..... nevermind. Welcome aboard.
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 1:51:50 AM EDT
Morning and Welcome Aboard. (Why are all the women I meet who like guns are always married?)
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 4:07:41 AM EDT
Glad to have you with us! [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/tylerdurden1201%2Fusa0%2Egif[/img] Tyler
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 1:28:32 PM EDT
Wow.... You all are great! Thanks for all the Happy, Warm welcomes. Oh, and thanks Ar-Lady I guess the guys think we will sit around and discuss which guns go with these shoes, huh?(Jk) Again, THANKS.[:)]
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 3:59:56 PM EDT
Oh yeah what happen to MissMagnum & Sigchick haven't heard from them awhile?
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 6:15:01 PM EDT
That's pretty good- someone who's ID is "5150" accusing others of being psycho. I take it you're from the great state of CA?
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