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Posted: 11/1/2004 4:33:25 AM EST
Should read "How to get Osama".

I was watching that movie with Harrison Ford chasing terrorist in Central America, in one scene there were CIA guys monitoring electronics to pick up on a distinguishing voice of a kingpin leader of some terror group. I began to think. I know we have guys "listening" all over the middle east for terror related info and people. My question is...if Osama is putting out video tapes and audio tapes, is there a way we trace these things to it's source?

Is there a way of monitoring Al Jazeera from satellites or whatever, and watch people coming and going into their studios, then trace them? Osama can't be sending these things by mail?

I am just frustrated that he can still "talk" and we cannot trace him down.

Someone who reads psyops or knows what kind of intel we do, please explain how he can be traced.

There has got be a way of following his trail..there's just got to be. We found 3 fruit flys here in Florida a few years back. Three!!!! Surely we can find OBL.
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