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Posted: 4/21/2001 6:10:13 AM EST
I would like in the near future to become a FFL, how does one go about doing this? I have also been looking into becoming a SOT, to deal in MG's but Delaware is a NON-NFA state, but does say can have for R&D, so i'm assuming that a class 2 could have them. I have made calls on this account but no one seens to know the answers. This sound like a pain to me, all I really want to do is open a range to shoot and rent firearms(and MG's).Any one have suggestions or info into this matter. I don't even know if this would be profitable. Shaggy, check your E-mail and get back to me.
Link Posted: 4/22/2001 11:03:04 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 11:07:53 PM EST
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All you have to do is email the ATF and request that they send you the required applicatons and fingerprint card. It took 2 weeks for the stuff to arrive after I emaied them... very simple instructions.everything is self-explanatory. As long as there are no zoning restrictions prohibiting the business or federal/state/local laws prohibiting it...go for it !! I haven't followed through with mine yet, haven't had the time/money to pursue just yet...soon though ! If you have any questions as to the wording on the paperwork just ask... ART [sniper] PS...the ATF website also has a list of FAQ's & answers...you might want to check it out... edited cuz icant speel
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 8:48:06 PM EST
How much does it cost to aquire an FFL these days? Anybody? [sniper] The Sniper
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 8:56:59 PM EST
Bad info Troy. The FFL-01 or 07 is the tough thing to get. Once you get the FFL then the SOT is just a matter of paying the fee every July. No storage requirments, no building specifications, no alarm systems or gun safes required. The ATF is allowed only 1 unscheduled visit per year without court order. They can not come in any time they want. And since the ATF does not work after thier hours if your listed business hours are outside thier normal working hours then they will schedule a visit durring thier hours and not suprize you. What kind of crap California adds on to gun shops I can not comment upon, but don't assume we all are required to comply with stuff the Californicators must deal with.
Link Posted: 4/29/2001 6:14:28 AM EST
Does anyone know where I can find info on the state law regarding the ownership of NFA-weapons in Del. I've gone though the web,called the state,talked to lawers, know one seams to know.
Link Posted: 5/3/2001 2:40:21 PM EST
Originally Posted By ZMan: Does anyone know where I can find info on the state law regarding the ownership of NFA-weapons in Del. I've gone though the web,called the state,talked to lawers, know one seams to know.
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Here are a couple of links that you might search - you might find something. Concealed Carry Database[url]http://www.packing.org/[/url] Glocktalk[url]http://glocktalk.com/[/url] Don't know if that will help but though I would share those if you don't have them. [sniper] The Sniper
Link Posted: 5/5/2001 2:41:32 AM EST
David is 100% correct, I just went through the process and received my 07 a few days ago and the ATF already cashed my SOT check for the next tax period. The ATF really doesn't care as long as your local and state officials are ok with it. If you decide to go for an FFL you should be serious and get all your ducks in a row. In my experience having everything ready i.e. County taxes and police paperwork, State taxes and police paperwork, IRS paperwork, zoning info, etc, etc done made the ATF understand I was serious and they moved as fast as they could (still a crawl) to get my interview and inspection done. My best advice is don't be fearful of the ATF 99% of them are just regular people and if your the type that doesn't want to be on anyone’s list or don't like the idea of inspections (my hours are 5-9 PM;)) then you probably don't want an FFL and definitely don't want to deal with NFA weapons. John
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