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Posted: 10/15/2004 8:13:10 AM EDT
Participating daily newspapers in Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Britain, France, Spain, Russia and Israel, were due to publish the results of the survey on Friday/Saturday.

A majority of respondents in Israel and Russia supported Bush over Kerry, while those in the other eight countries backed Kerry:

Russia (Bush 52 / Kerry 48)
Israel (Bush 50 / Kerry 24)
France (Bush 16 / Kerry 72)
South Korea (Bush 18 / Kerry 68)
Canada (Bush 20 / Kerry 60)
Spain (Bush 13 / Kerry 58)
Mexico (Bush 20 / Kerry 55)
Australia (Bush 28 / Kerry 54)
Japan (Bush 30 / Kerry 51)
Britain (Bush 22 / Kerry 50)

Blows my mind how these countries that could probably not survive a year without direct US involvement, read: our money your tax dollars, would vote. If they got their way the US would be ruined under Kerry and they would get nothing. The later sounds good to me, they get nothing!

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:14:51 AM EDT
Explain to me how most of those countries are getting our tax dollars (and couldn't survive without them) ???

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:14:55 AM EDT
very interesting about Russia, no suprise Israel supports President Bush.

France (Bush 16 / Kerry 72)
that should be enough for anyone thinking about voting for comrade kerry
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:21:36 AM EDT
For any proud American to worry about what France, Germany or any other country's population would do blows me away...in fact, I'd vote the exact opposite of what some foreign motherfucker wanted.

No one ever said being a leader was easy....

I am rolling with W
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:22:21 AM EDT
Sounds like the perfect litmus test for determining our foreign policy and foreign aid.

As Machiaveli once said ...better to be feared than loved.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:31:23 AM EDT

Originally Posted By KBL:
Sounds like the perfect litmus test for determining our foreign policy and foreign aid.

As Machiaveli once said ...better to be feared than loved.

I am with you on this 100%!

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:37:57 AM EDT
In secular Europe, those with strong religious beliefs are often scorned. Based of what I am hearing from the Europeans, I get the feeling that is what they hate most about Bush.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:42:33 AM EDT
And we should care because...?
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 8:56:42 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/15/2004 8:57:43 AM EDT by 1911lover]
The pro Skerry countries are currying favor from the Skerry camp for more of our tax dollars in the form of foreign aid. It almost always comes down to the money, and the commie has been sucking foreign european dick for years.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 9:13:02 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 9:32:06 AM EDT
Socialists voting for a socialist, all trying to hang onto a failed belief system. No surprise here.

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 9:40:43 AM EDT
Strange (but good) times when even those godless Russkies are pulling for the good guy.

Thank you, Mr. Reagan.
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