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Posted: 10/5/2001 11:45:15 AM EDT
One of the main issues that leaded the coward ISLAMIC terrorists to the WTC attack, was the policy of support of USA to Israel. I read in various part of this forum that people is astonished to see soldiers of the National guard armed with M16A2 in guarding the airports. It something like 50 years that things are working like that in Israel. We have to guard continuosly from attacks. Only between 1951 and 1956 THREE THOUSAND terrorists attacks were carried against Israel. In the last three days, up to today when I was flying back, six other attacks were carried. It's a sad daily reality. From my point of view, even if I can express my personal approval for the choice (support a Palestinian State in exchange of the recognition of the right of Israel to exists and to is't own security) of President Bush, very difficult in this moment, isn't it paying terrorists like Hamas, Jihad and Hezbollah that are attacking Israeli civilians and soldiers not respecting any point of the Mitchel Report? I don't want to defend Sharon, I think that his words were not only inoportune, but stupid to say in such a moment! Bush is doing only what he was not able to do: put an end to this conflict before somebody else will do it in his place. And furthermore: why americans can wait one month, after such heinous attack, before to retaliate in order to know, to search and hit with the maximum effort, and Israeli have to retaliate the day after without obtaining nothing on the tactical level and a defeat on the diplomatic level? * I SUPPORT ISRAEL * * I SUPPORT USA * * I SUPPORT F R E E D O M *
Link Posted: 10/5/2001 11:58:51 AM EDT
Good to hear you are home safely! I surely hope that the exchange between Pres. Bush and Ariel Sharon was merely 'window dressing' and done solely for the purpose of making the Arab partners in this new alliance feel more comfortable! But if it is true, then I am certain that these hard feelings will last just a little while and then all will be back to normal. Take care, my friend. Shabat Shalom. Eric The(Pro-Israel,Pro-Italy)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 10/5/2001 12:18:26 PM EDT
Welcome back to GD, PaoloAR15!
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