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Posted: 12/28/2001 12:36:04 PM EDT
Its been over 100 days since this nation's worst attack in history. The body count slowly shrinks but will still be unbelievable. This attack came on our own soil! The very soil that thousands and thousands of brave Americans have died in distant lands to protect. They died far away so that something like this could never happen here. How can we be suprised when we have known for a long time that there are countries that harbor and support people that wanted this to happen and a lot worse. We surely had to be thinking, not if...but when. Now,are we thinking it can't happen again? We are supposed to go about our business as usual and get back to normal. Sounds great doesn't it? But isn't that what got us here? This country has never reacted until it is almost too late. We don't want trouble. Who cares about what happens in other parts of the world? It's always been about them and all their problems. Well now it's about us. How can we expect to go around the world and clean up terrorism when every news channel has people cheering in the streets of foreign lands every time we are attacked. If you notice alot of these people are children. These children will grow up. We cannot police the whole world. It is impossible! These countries need to learn that they will have to police themselves. How many U.S. citizens believe that these countries are going to go out and rid their country of all the terrorists and their supporters just because we tell them to. Many of these countries are talking out of one side of their mouth and smiling out of the other. There is only one way to get rid of the scum that resides in these countries and that is with the threat of nuclear weapons. Its time the world knows we mean business. They have to know that if this country is ever attacked with nuclear,biological, or chemical weapons that there will be swift and absolute retaliation. Our President has made a list of offending countries. These countries have to be put on notice. If we are attacked in any of the ways as described, which would result in massive death and casualties to our country, the hosting country of these persons would simply cease to exist. We have spent untold amounts of money on our nuclear capability. Its time to use it. We know this would be a very grave act with far reaching complexities. But what would be the alternative? Can you imagine what would happen if a nuclear or biological attack happened to this country? The many people buying guns in light of 9/11 do. They are not buying guns to shoot terrorists. They are buying guns to shoot Americans. This country could not withstand such an attack. We have people fighting at gas pumps just on rumors of gas going up $2 overnite. Imagine hearing that people and food were quarantined? Its not a pretty picture. So I guess the question we have to ourselves is...how many towers have to fall? How many people have to die before we make the rest of the world know that an attack on the U.S. would be the end of their own existence. This is the only way to ever wipe out terrorism from abroad. They have got to clean up their own houses or be aware of the consequences. We have got to make it very clear that to attack the U.S. mainland is simply unthinkable. Our dead veterans demand it. It happened here once..shame on them. If it happens again...shame on US!
Link Posted: 12/28/2001 2:03:17 PM EDT
I think we already know the answer: Only two.
Link Posted: 12/28/2001 8:13:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/28/2001 8:21:35 PM EDT
I say only one tower must fall. The second one was just gravy. [marines]
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