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Posted: 4/28/2001 5:02:50 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:06:20 PM EDT
haha I don't own one.  Thought about it, but then decided on a "Varmit" rifle.  [sniper]    get it?  We had a thread about the SHTF rifle, and it just makes more sense to be able to terminate people from a farther distance than to get up close and nitty gritty.  Besides, remember that hottie Sniper in FMJ, you can be her friend.  Sucky sucky five bullets.  long time.

North South F    
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:11:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:15:43 PM EDT
Everyone already knows my story.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:17:26 PM EDT
I don't own six, I do own 3.5!  

Armalite AR10A4
Armalite M15A4(T)Carbine
Pre-Ban "ColtMaster" M4gery
Post Ban Eagle Arms Complete Lower

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:19:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:20:17 PM EDT
ONE 4 now but the SECOND is being worked on as we read, so to speak. at least its in transit somewhere between them and me..Two is all the other half says im allowed.that is 2 ARs /two AKs ,and so on  [rocket] [rocket]
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:20:32 PM EDT
1 colt ar-15 a2 hbar sporter, definately well used, but wholly serviceable.
and 1 bushy cammando  (built it myself) i love this rifle.

next question.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:21:23 PM EDT
My "Good Guys Wear Black" collection. With a Ltd. Edition AR15.com rifle to come.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:27:14 PM EDT
I have happily owned 5 ARs in different configurations over the years.

I currently own one which is a Model 1 kit built on EA lower - a pre ban CAR - 16" HBAR.

I smith ARs for others

I do enjoy shooting and smithing them a great deal and also enjoy introducing ARs to other shooters.  It is a design that was ahead of it's time. It has been maligned by some because of problems early in it's history that were due not to the weapon itself but slow burning powder fouling the gas tube and hence creating various jamming problems.  Once this was remedied, it performed as it was designed to and served our armed forces well in addition to countless civilians all over the world.

Can you tell that I am fond of ARs?

The Sniper
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:29:49 PM EDT
Hopefully, Garryowen and I can work a pending deal so I can get a couple of cav-lowers,
sell my Bush and Oly,
and get DPMS components for the cavs...

Ahhhhhhhh. Wet Dream.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:30:05 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:37:41 PM EDT
Hell ya.
Just one, and it was my first rifle.  
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:38:06 PM EDT
Blue label HBAR
Green label Carbine {ltw}
Eagle Arms HBAR Carbine (factory)
LEGP on the way
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:38:20 PM EDT
I just got my first AR.  

BM 14.5" M-4 w/KKF "long" brake, flattop with an Aimpoint Comp M and ARMS #40.

I bought the upper from the Equipment Exchange forum, and JC ordered the lower for me.  

I absolutely love this rifle...wish I had a camera to post some pics.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:38:41 PM EDT
I have 2 with LEGP on the way to make 3...with [img]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=51205&a=12720264&p=47296355&Sequence=0&res
Bushmaster M4 postban....
Bushmaster V-Match 20" with 6.5-20x56mm scope..

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:39:48 PM EDT
1 Oly 20 inch A2

1 Eagle arms Lower

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:47:45 PM EDT
I have a 20" HBAR I built from a OLY lower and a JT kit.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:49:22 PM EDT
3.5 and if I can ever figure out how to post a picture here I will show them. Why is this site so confusing on posting pictures, some sites you just upload into your post?
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:50:24 PM EDT
I have an old SP1 that I've built up.  Only NEED one, but have almost enough parts to put together another.  We'll see.  

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:58:34 PM EDT
I don't own one, but I pretend I do on [url]ar15.com[/url] [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 5:58:55 PM EDT
I own a few. This is th fun one for bughole group shooting.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:02:47 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:03:00 PM EDT
Down to just two now, my Oly M4 and my Oly snipAR/vARmint rifle. Have owned 5 though, 1 PWA commando, 1 EA 16" carbine, 1 Oly A2, and my sniper and M4. Except for my sniper all of them have been preban.

Sold the PWA, Sold the A2 Oly, and traded the EA for a match grade Springfield M1 garand. Thinking about getting another preban a buddy of mine wants to sell, but don't have the $$ for it really.

Actually built 2 more for friends but can't really say I "owned" them.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:04:46 PM EDT
I own a few. This is th fun one for bughole group shooting.

View Quote

Friggin N_I_C_E! Is that a Badger gas block??
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:11:01 PM EDT
1.5, 2.5 if I count the LEGP.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:13:20 PM EDT
I don't own one either. I own two Armalite & OLY. [sniper]
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:14:32 PM EDT
As you can see, I don't own [i]an[/i] AR15, either [:)]

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:18:36 PM EDT
I only own one an aramalite m15a2.Would buy another if i didnt live in ca.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:18:45 PM EDT
Not one, 3.5: One Bush, an Oly, an AR-10 and  LEP M4gery on the way....oh...and a glock model 22
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:23:46 PM EDT
According to ArmaLite there are 8,000,000 AR's
out there. I have noticed a few people on this board own more than a few. If the board members
are representative of the entire set of AR owners then there are probably 2,000,000
individual AR owners.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:29:29 PM EDT
i have 4.5*

colt m4gery
colt 6551
colt "israeli style" 20"
bushie/ fn c7a1 copy
colt fixed stock m4gery (*being built)

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:30:40 PM EDT
Little black sticks of death...

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:37:35 PM EDT
I own three and if I can get out of this state I will own a few more.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:37:40 PM EDT
One and a half.

First was a Bushy Dissipator Flat top.

Then discovered the wonderful world of High Power.  So I got a RRA DCM upper, tuned up by John Holliger (Thanks John!).
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:38:43 PM EDT
I own 2. PWA Hbar preban and a Colt Sporter Flat top postban. Now excuse me while I go an reload some more .223.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:40:14 PM EDT
Bought the first of nine pre bans from Springfield Armory (il.) many moons ago before they stepped on someones toes.they were all machined from a billet and had square edges, the worst part was they were $10 more than everybody elses $59.00! Those were the days...  
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:45:15 PM EDT
Thanks for the complement. I got the gas block from Gunsmoke Ent. it came as a Stainless Steel gas block with no mention of manufacture. It does closely resemble the gas block MetalCraft makes. But not sure if it is there's or not.

Again thanks.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:46:03 PM EDT
Bushmaster preban 20" fluted
Bushmaster postban A3 dissapater
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:50:22 PM EDT
Whats an ar? Na just kiddin got 2 pre's.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:52:47 PM EDT
Bushmaster preban 20" fluted
Bushmaster postban A3 dissapater
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:53:41 PM EDT
<=========any guesses??

so far just a G21/G30 combo [;)]
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:56:13 PM EDT
I gots mine
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 6:59:10 PM EDT
I got one and I'll have another, just as soon as the LEGP rifle comes in.

I have a Bushmaster XM15 E2S 20" H-BAR.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:16:42 PM EDT
I used to have a preban PWA & a Colt SP1, but I sold them and bought a RR AR15 conversion, so I could play with the NFA boys.

I'd like to own another AR, but the ATF says that if I own an AR, that I'm automatically a felon, since I have several short (<16") uppers, and I'd be in possesion of "an unregistered short barreled rifle".  Since I don't want to buy another preban rifle (since all my uppers have flash hiders) to turn into an SBR, I'll just stick with buying uppers.

So far I've got:

20" A1 profile upper
14.5" Bushmaster M4 upper
11.5" A2 upper
10.5" Colt 9mm SMG upper
10.5" KKF dedicated .22LR upper (slick side M16)

I'd like to have another AR, but I just can't justify the fundage for a preban + $200 tax to uncle sam.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:21:52 PM EDT
I have at least one. But of course, I could be lying about that.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:24:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:48:54 PM EDT
1 actual, 2 very shortly.

Bushy 16" in safe, Bushy lower + J&T upper in the bag (almost)

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:53:38 PM EDT
I don't own one...

... I own six.
View Quote

the one on the left, is that preban, it looks dangerious.

as for me, i DONT own a black rifle, as i am working torwards one every day
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 7:59:27 PM EDT
my first gun ever,is my new M4 carbine.
Made by a former Army gunsmith friend of mine,it's has a RRA lower,and the rest is all high quality DPMS parts.Has a 16" HB-barrel,a3 flattop,colt handle,large M4 handguards,Vortex muzzle brake/flash hider,along with some of his personal refinements (he knows EVERYTHING about the AR,inside and out)
If I did'nt buy this sweet one,I would have probably ended up buying a mass-produced BushMaster.Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Link Posted: 4/28/2001 8:06:22 PM EDT
I saw one in a gun store one time, but my mom won't let me hold it.

I read all of Imbroglio's posts and make my comments based on them.
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