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Posted: 9/1/2004 10:48:41 AM EDT
I have 2 kittens, both female calico's. I noticed one of them "presenting" herself to a neighborhood tom yesterday, after several failed attmepts to get him to leave her alone i managed to grab her and lock her in the garage, with her sister...just in case she's acting the same way behind my back. Anyway, my husband says he thinks they are only in heat for a week and wants me to keep them shut up in the garage until they are done. I am not sure how long they are in heat for, but definatly don't want anymore babies. I can't get them fixed until i start my new job, Papa Murphy's salary just doesn't allow enough room for my normal expenses and to spay the kitty babies. BUT i start working for the state on the 13th so next month is looking promising to get them spayed. So if anyone has any insight as to how long i should keep them locked away from all those big tom's it would be awsome!!! I didn't want to post this in GD because i didn't want to hear how i should kill the kitties, i've never seen a bunch of men hate something as cute and furry as a kitty!!! hy.gif
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:55:49 AM EDT
I think it is about 5-7 days. Usually, the humane society will give you a voucher to get them spayed at a vet for $15-20. It might be a good idea to scrape up that much if you can.

Good luck!
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 2:56:42 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:52:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted By MrsGloftoe:

It's not good to let your kitties run free. Not only are they in danger of picking up diseases, getting attacked by other animals, and getting hit by cars, but they're also going around to your neighbors' yards and gardens and pooping in them. If your kid went to play in your yard and ended up covered in someone else's cat poo, you'd probably be a little put out.

If you're going to let your cats outside, be prepared for the financial consequences of kittens or vet bills when they get injured or sick from it. If you've got to let them out for some reason, please at least spay or neuter them first.

Cat heat can last over a week, and can be nearly constant. If you've seen your female around a male cat, chances are that she's pregnant.

Link Posted: 9/3/2004 6:33:45 PM EDT
Cats are "induced ovulators" which means that they will go out of heat shortly after being bred. If they do not mate, they can stay in heat for several days but most of the time they appear to stay in about 4 to 6 days, then come in heat again in about 2.5 to 3 weeks. This does vary widely and some cats appear to almost constantly stay in heat.

Ask animal control if they have a list of low cost spay vets. In GA we have one that neuters males for $25 and spays females for $30. And alot will even work with you if you can't afford to pay it all now.

Get them both spayied, they are probablly pregnant and its better to term them in the first week or so than to have them euthanized when there are not enough homes. Just think if you happen to find a home for 6 kittens there are 6 kittens that are euthanized at animal control.
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 7:15:14 PM EDT
I would also suggest contacting the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They helped me when my little one needed to be spayed. They work on a type of co-pay system. The paid the vet the largest chunk of the cost to get my little one spayed, which was pretty steep if I remember correctly......I think I was out of pocket about $20.

Seriously consider making your kitties indoor cats. There are so many dangers for them if they are allowed to run the neighborhood. Mine is 100% indoor.......this is after her previous owner would just throw her out for the night. She still has her claws, but since she has a scratch pad and a scratching post, everything in the house is okay.

Cats are great pets.......I don't understand why lots of folks ignorantly hate them.

Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:09:57 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/4/2004 12:27:49 AM EDT by Misery]
Yes, please don't let your cats go outside. People poison them, they get sick very easy, they get in fights, and the list goes on. I hit an indoor/outdoor cat a few years back. The road was dark and it darted out in front of my car. I felt horrible.

My indoor cats are always so much healthier, and I don't have worry about the dangers they must face outdoors. My first cat, Lisa, a calico died from Feline Leukemia when I was a kid. She went under the house and died. Since then, I never let them out.

My current cat, Madison, is real healthy. She's a little strange, but aren't they all!
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:29:58 PM EDT
If you have an indoor cat, it might still be a good idea to put a collar on it. That way if it accidentally escapes, someone might return it. Given the recent threads about feral cat problems, and cat dispatching, that collar might very well save your kitty's life.
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