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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/17/2003 4:57:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 4:59:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:01:38 PM EST
As mentioned before it commie ammo for commie guns and cheap. It works great in my AK but I wouldn't run my AR's on it,nor my pistols
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:09:32 PM EST
I love it in my SKS its all I shoot in it but I only shoot winchester white box in my Bushmaster
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:19:07 PM EST
A fried of mine bought a rifle (AR) that only shot wolf. The original owner didn't clean it very well, apparently. He was having misfires, jams, and misfeeds. I tore it apart, and when I removed the extractor, behind it I found the inside had a thin layer of red on it. I got a small pick, and pulled what looked like a thin layer of red silicone out of the inside of the bolt. It looked like it came out of a mold. A perfect mirror image. I think this is the lacquer they use to seal the primers with. After I saw this, I spent the next hour or two cleaning the whole gun. It was the most mistreated firearm I've ever seen. Like I said, the original owner didn't keep it clean. If you choose to shoot wolf, in a good fire arm, you better clean it very well every time, or this is what you may find. Personally, If I spend the money on a quality AR, I spend the money on good ammo. It's like buying a $40,000 vehicle, and putting those $100.00 tires on. [:)] I don't want to start a war, this is just what I found.
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:22:32 PM EST
thats the 2nd wold thread this week.
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:22:43 PM EST
Oh goodie....another Wolf ammo thread...
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:30:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:40:08 PM EST
After reading the two threads I've came to the conclusion that I will give it a chance in my Eagle Arms Preban. I just have one question, this is only for people who have shot A LOT of Wolf ammo. Do you see substantial wear from the steel cased ammo, or is just like the brass when it's extracted and when it's on the feed lips of the chamber, or is there wear in these areas?
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:55:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 4:10:09 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 5:53:19 AM EST
I burn the shit out of it in my Bushy, I only shoot Lake City in my preban white Colt just out of superstition and nothing else...That's my $.02
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 6:01:46 AM EST
I shoot Wolf through a $4000 machinegun. I wouldn't even flinch at running it through any AR. I've never had a malfunction on full auto, so it stands to reason that it should work just fine in your semi.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 6:23:22 AM EST
really reliable those russians know how to make ammo. It may not be accurate but it always fires. But I am shooting a mini 14 so you have to really try to get it to jam but even with a ton of laquer no problems.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 6:32:32 AM EST
I shoot the hell out of Wolf 7.62X39 and .22LR and no problems there. My USP .45 does not like Wolf one bit.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 1:16:04 PM EST
I love wolf ammo, shot thousands of rds thru both my bushies.... however, on mine at least i see a little spot of the brass deflector that is bare alum. tiny little spot. nothing i would worry about. but that is after thousands of rds.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 1:39:49 PM EST
I use only 5.45 Wolf in my AKs and have only have had one malfunction (failure to extract) in an SAR-2. After analysis, I determined that the chamber was new with few rounds fired and looked visually "dull" to the unaided eye. I had just pulled a Boresnake laced with Hoppes #9 through it prior to the extraction failure. The only thing I can come up with is there was some residue from the Hoppes in the chamber that had some impact when it heated up. I took some scotch brite, fired up the drill and gave the chamber a spin. No more malfunctions, and I just put my 1000th round through it today. That rifle probably had less than 30-50 rounds through it when this happened, and was my first malfunction ever in an AK, so I was concerned when it happened. I've never had a failure to fire with this ammo, and I believe my AK was born to eat it with no ill effects. I've never used it in my AR, but I've shot it from other guys ARs with no problems. When Wolf 308 is available, I'll be using it in my FALs. Jim
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 1:46:50 PM EST
2000 rounds through my bushy....300 through the 3 week old RRA...no problems cept being dirty....be a good boy and clean it ....should work fine
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 1:52:04 PM EST
ive been through over 8000 rounds of wolf through my bushmaster with no problems that were ammo related, only problems is when i bought some USA mags,OY!. i dont see any more wear than usual, i have the little spot of bare aluminum on the deflector also. my extractor looks good , the blueing is barely wore off and the edges are still sharp like new. If it shoots in your rifle use it. if your rifle dont like it, then dont use it.
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