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Posted: 4/22/2002 11:00:50 PM EDT
Geez...I know this is a dumb question but this crap is confusing. I got a money order to send in with my CHL paperwork. There are three lines: Pay To The Order Of____________, and another line saying underneath "Purchaser, Signer For Drawer", then a third line saying "Money Order: Address/Gift Certificate: Recipient. Do I just fill in the pay to the order of line? Or do I need to sign it somewhere. Geez...25 years old and I don't think I've ever filled out a money order before.
Link Posted: 4/22/2002 11:05:35 PM EDT
Technically you don't have to fill out anything past the Pay to the Order of section. You don't have to sign it anywhere. Just make sure you hang on to the MO stub in case they "lose" it.
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 11:39:36 AM EDT
Any Second Opinions!!!!
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 11:47:47 AM EDT
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OK, [b]* "Pay to the Order of" [/b] means you are paying X-amount of $$ to the person to whom you have a deal with/owe money to. [b]* "Purchaser, Signer of Drawer"[/b] is you. You are purchasing the MO. Put your name there, or sign it if it asks you to. [b]* "Address/GC Recipient" [/b] is the address of the "Pay to the Order of" guy. Imbroglio may be correct, but when dealing with mattes of money, square it away! Good luck. GS
Link Posted: 4/23/2002 11:53:35 AM EDT
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