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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/5/2002 7:10:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/5/2002 7:11:02 PM EST by IMHO]
[I'm reposting this because, as FrankSquid pointed out, I originally posted in the "AR Discussion" section. Didn't notice. Sorry about that. I've deleted the original, but will repost the topic, responses, and their authors here.] Yes, there have been dozens, scores, if not hundreds, of threads in which members have reinforced the need for home safes, for teaching children about the potential dangers associated with firearms (and the true joy associated with the sport of shooting), for proper eye and ear protection, for choosing a safe place to practice marksmanship, for an emphasis on the "Commandments of Firearm Safety", for safe methods of transporting firearms in a vehicle, etc.; but I was wondering if anyone wanted to contribute specific tips that they feel could benefit the other members of the board, or those new members who haven't been exposed to them before. Always appreciate different opinions. I know, maybe just bored tonight. . . but all of the recent news of atrocious misuses of firearms has got me thinking. And yes, I can always re-read past posts to remind myself of what has been well-established, but just wondering if anyone has insight into something "new." Of course, maybe there's nothing new in what I've always considered to be ironclad rules of gun safety. Just wondering what thoughts are out there. Thanks, IMHO [Responses to original (now deleted) post: lostwildcat: Posted - 10/05/2002 : 00:41:28 "the one rule i live by, regardless of loaded/unloaded or who is handling, whatever... NEVER POINT THE MUZZLE AT ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY!!! i emphasize the word destroy, as in destroy a home intruder, yourself, or a loved one... regardless of what happens, ie ND or other type of accident, if this rule is adhered to, lives would not be lost. just my .02" WarDawg: Posted - 10/05/2002 : 00:41:28 "What Lostwildcat said.Live by them rules.War Dawg" FrankSquid: 10/05/2002 : 06:19:18 "This is a VERY important topic. Unfortunately it is not AR specific. NEXT time, please post in the appropriate forum since I do not have the power to move it. It is too important of an issue to put a lock on it so I will let it live. Check out the four Golden Rules of firearms Safety at the top of the AR discussion Board. I would guess to say, that less then 5-10% of firearms owners handle guns properly."]
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