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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/24/2001 11:59:25 AM EST
Here you are your friend from the Middle East. Today I got two good reason to be bitter. First of all I read the result of a poll on a italian newspaper on line. 63% of the voters thinks that Italy shouldn't support anyway USA in the retaliatory attack. The 21% think that Italy should send troops. The 16% think that Italy should give only airbases as support. I WAS FURIOUS!!! And all the Italians deads in the WTC? And all the links with Italo-americans? Any gratitude to USA for bringing back freedom in the WWII? I hope only that this is the same anti-semitic, communist, anti-american minority of morons that joined the forum about the terror attack on the same newspaper. They are always the same people and I know very well their subjects. I think, furthermore, that we Italians had too much easy life. I make a comparison of what I am seeing here, in Israel, were people have to carry on a "normal" life (familiy, job, friends, burocracy etc..) and cope with the terror to be abandoned by their ally, to be killed, to give up the family for a month for the reserve duty. The second blow is what I see in the Israeli news (channel 2). I don't think that you'll never see this in other televisions, but it was not shot by an Israeli television, was only shown. In one palestinian university a group of people reproduced "Sbarro", the restaurant blown up weeks ago in Jerusalem. At the entrance there were an american flag and an Israeli one used as carpets to clean the sole of the shoes. Inside, this people, between pieces of pizza, reproduced with red varnish blood sprayed everywhere, and pictures with typical anti-semite icons, the ones that you normally see in the book about nazism to represent how a jew should look. This people was laughing on the 12 (if I remember well) Israeli killed in the bombskill!!! I don't think that all palestinians are like this monsters, but I couldn't eat (I was having dinner...) anything anymore. I hope you will understand me. To balance, two days ago I went with a friend of my wife to visit the IIAF museum in the South. The father of this friend has a Palestinians friend that told him that, because he has still money, people sent by Jihad and Hamas asked him to finance them "otherwise you can say goodbye to your children". This man want to escape, but you can figure that nor Arafat will let him out nor Sharon will let him in... Shalom brothers... I'll keep you updated. Don't give up us...
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 12:03:19 PM EST
Paolo - Hold the banner high for freedom and justice. Even the War for Independence here in 1776 was fought and won by a select few.
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