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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/11/2006 10:36:13 AM EST
Jizzy has updated his boards with this:

Hey. Still alive and well. Sunday night Alex, Scott Griffin and I were hit from the rear by a drunk driver going appromixately 70MPH. We crashed into a guardrail and went airborne for what seemed to be about 5 seconds, then spun upside down and skidded for 40 or 50 feet. A 'rollover' in cop lingo.

I was front passenger, Scott driving, Alex in back with the gear. We were returning to our hotel after eating at the club when all of a sudden Scott yells 'FUCK!' and what feels like a baseball bat slams into my back. The guy had hit us on the right rear and we went crashing into the guardrail bending it into a large U-shape. Then as I said before from there we did some weird ballet thing in the air which was the scariest feeling of all as I had neglected to put my seat belt on. We hit the ground and started sliding and it was like a toboggan ride, all of us with our asses on the roof with sparks flying in all directions. We finally skidded to a stop and climbed out one of the broken out windows. I honestly couldn't believe I had escaped unscathed, when you see the van pictures you'll see why. There is this eerie quiet right after an accident, all you hear is the sizzling car sounds and walking on broken glass. People approach cautiously, they look at you weird, like you just fell from the sky. Alex had a bad cut on his head and fucked up ribs and went to the hospital immediately. He is OK. Scott went to another hospital with more fucked up ribs and he is OK. Somehow, miraculously with no seat belt on I emerged with bumps and bruises. All of my shit had flown out of the car, gear, wireless mic shit, all scattered around. The cops and firemen all agreed when they first saw our van they assumed the worst. A scary fucking moment, had he hit us 6 feet earlier we would have gone off an embankment 30 feet down and I would most likely be dead, gone through the windshield or out a window. I think I'll take today off and count my blessings.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 10:53:30 AM EST
Is it too early for a "What are you drinking tonite?" post?
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 1:23:38 PM EST
Not at all .
Hookers and Blow is Jizzy Pearl's new band . Given Darth Vaders accident thread and the fact that Arfcom is all about hookers and blow I thought it would be a good post to make .
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