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Posted: 7/22/2008 6:48:06 AM EDT
Hey guys,

The following two men died in action not long ago. They were friends and school-mates, as well as great Americans. Below is some information regarding these men.

Marine Cpl. Bradley T. Arms: Link to info on Cpl. Arms
here's an e-mail sent out by his fraternity brothers explaining his situation:
The e-mail was preceded by this, from one of his close friends in college: "In short, Brad was shot in the back by a sniper while dragging another wounded soldier back to a Humvee. The other kid lived thanks to Brad. We don't really talk about the details because Brad would not want to be considered a hero. "

In 2004, the brothers of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of Georgia suffered a heartbreaking loss. On November 19, 2004, Lance Corporal Bradley Thomas Arms died as result of coming under sniper fire in the city of Fallujah, Iraq. Personal accounts of the incident that surfaced months following his death supported the belief that many who knew Brad maintained from the time the knowledge of his death reached Athens, GA, that he died sacrificing himself so that he could save another.

Brad had always stood out as a young man who exemplified high moral character, leadership, and strong faith. As a part of his pledge class in the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, he quickly earned the dubious nickname, Dad Arms. The purpose of his name was twofold; he won the name not just for being older than most of his pledge brothers, but because he was often the most mature and self-sacrificing man in the group, much the way a father is to his family. To his brothers, he embodied what they sought to achieve: a man of balance in all aspects of life. Brad was affiliated with various campus organizations; he excelled in the classroom as diligent student, and he was an exceptional athlete - especially at soccer. His strength came from his conviction in God, Brad was an upstanding Christian who believed it was through God's calling that led him to serve his country in the war on terror.

Following September 11, 2001, Brad understood the harsh reality of what was going to be demanded of him when he joined the Marines, but instead of being deterred by the dangers of war, he saw it as an opportunity for him to spread peace and the message of God to regions of the world suppressed by ruthless dictatorships and oppressive radical beliefs. From the stories told by those who served alongside Brad, we learned that his leadership ability was not limited to halls of a fraternity house. Raised to be a man of virtue, who practiced diligence in all endeavors, his strong character once again revealed itself through his various military duties. Through his compassion and devotion to others, he was quick to earn the respect of both the Marines who he commanded and of those that were his superiors.

The sum of a man's actions makes the man, and that is why it is through having known who Brad was that made learning of his death so hard. He was a young man who graced all those who knew him. He was a man who made his friends, his family, and his country proud. He did not shy away from responsibility, instead sought out more than many his own age. To understand the potential man he could have become underscores the honor in the way he died. Brad died leaving safe cover to aide fellow Marines who had come under fire a short distance away, giving himself so that others could march on. This country truly owes a debt of gratitude for the sacrifice of Brad Arms, and this world will sorely miss him in years to come.

The other soldier is:
Army 1st Lt. Noah Harris link to info on 1st Lt. Harris
Details of his situation can be found at the link above. Below is a speech Johnny Isakson gave to Congress about 1st. Lt. Harris:

I rise today to speak about an email sent to me in May of this year. It said the following:

'Our presence here is not just about Iraq. It's sending a message to the oppressed peoples of the world that freedom can be a reality. Freedom is the greatest gift that we, the United States, have been granted and as such it is our responsibility to spread it. For it to become a permanent fixture in our future and our children's future, we must give our all to those that desire it.'

"Mr. President, that's an email to me from First Lieutenant Noah Harris of Ellijay, Georgia from Baghdad, Iraq. On Saturday of this past week, First Lieutenant Harris died in the service of his country and the democracy and freedom that his email to me expressed far better than I am capable of doing.

"Noah Harris served as an intern in Congressman Deal's office two years ago, which is where I had the occasion to meet him. When I received his email, I sat down at my desk in my office, and I wrote him a note thanking him for his service to his country and his fellow man. This morning I rise to pay tribute to the life that's been given on behalf of the greater good.

"Noah Harris is the type of young man that serves without desire for a credit or a claim in Iraq today, but on behalf of his country and everything that we stand for. At the age of 23, he embodies the hope of the future, and his sacrifice in fact ensures that future for others will be brighter.

"He captained his high school football team, was never beaten in the state in wrestling, went to the University of Georgia, and captain of the cheerleaders at that institution. Came to Washington to serve as an intern and shortly after the 11th day of September 2001, struck as all of us were by the tragedy of that day, Noah Harris volunteered to serve in the United States military, and for the greater good of the people of the world.

"On Saturday morning or Saturday at noon of this week in Ellijay, Georgia, I and hundreds of other Georgians will pause in the Northwest Georgia Mountains to pay tribute to the life of Noah Harris.

"I am privileged and pleased to stand on the floor of the United States Senate today in advance of that and acknowledge the thanks I know on behalf of this Senate, all that serve in this Congress, and our president for the life, the times, the service, and the gift of First Lieutenant Noah Harris."

Gentlemen, these men gave their lives so others can enjoy the freedom we enjoy. Please take a moment to at least thank the Lord for men like this.

I'm trying to raise some money to honor these great Americans. The fraternity they belonged to holds an annual golf tournament in their honor to raise money for the Ameritroop Support Organization.

I would really like if you guys could make out a check to Ameritroop Support Organization and mail them to me. Any amount would help- be it 5$ or $50. I will be putting all the checks in an envelope and presenting them to the fraternity. I've already collected 500$ locally from businesses and friends. I'm donating $150 myself to the organization. If you feel the desire to help, post here with your pledged amount and I will PM you with address information to send the check.

I hope at least one of you finds it in yourself to help support these two men...
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 8:02:55 AM EDT
Donation on its way.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 8:25:26 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By hossack:
Donation on its way.

thank you. I've PM'd you with the address information. I will be taking a picture of all the checks I receive (together on an American flag) before I put them in a sealed envelope and present them to the fraternity.

ETA: in fact- if this receives enough support, I can snap a picture of the flag, and AR, and the pile of checks and send each of you a copy of the picture...
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 8:33:42 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 7/22/2008 8:35:04 AM EDT
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