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9/17/2020 5:59:48 PM
Posted: 1/3/2007 3:28:53 AM EDT
Maybe you guys saw my Theater in the first several pages. Nothing too special but I did have good equipment.

Now you take my wife......I wish some one would......

We recently had a party that ended up going on very late. My wife pops in the music videos and the crowd says louder. Soooooo.....she pegs the volume at plus 12 .

I have a Sherbourne 5 channel (250w per) driving the front 3 and my PE TX47 driving the rear 4. There are two 250w subs. The spearkers are Dynaudio DIYs. Needless to say the SPL were up there.

I was up stairs undoubtedly talking guns when the music abruptly stopped and I heard HONEY..........Something happened to the music.......yea like something happended to the music .

Not one to kill a party I found my line conditioner to be blown. I plugged in the essential components into a cheap surge suppressor and told the wife....not so loud. She says it was only at 12......I said TWELVE to which see responded "that's what we watch movies at" .

"no honey we watch movies at minus 12". Her response was "ohhhhhh".

The next day I go down to watch an HD movie I just got with my daughter. Problem is I cannot understand a word the actors are saying.

After troubleshooting, the final damage is 2 melted voice coils and blown woofer and blown amp section on my PE TX47 .

Now if you know the DIY market, you know Dynaudio does not support it anymore since they sell complete speakers. I was able to locate some Dynaudio replacement parts (gotta love the internet) and all is well with the speakers .

Moral of the story??? When the wife fucks up.....you have an opportunity to upgrade. She feels so bad, she's going to fund the replacement of the receiver.

Question for you guys. Since the preamp section is working just fine and it is a top notch receiver, should I just buy a new power amp?

Gotta love a silver lining

Link Posted: 1/3/2007 3:49:17 PM EDT
Yes get a new power amp.

Depending on your receiver, +12 probably was the MAX your unit goes which is EXTREMELY LOUD.

My Pioneer Elite VSX82 is 2nd from the top model, and it maxes at +12db on the receiver.

I watch all my movies at about -10db on the receiver.  That easily produces db in the range of 80 - 95 depending on the movie.

As you state, since she screwed up and would be willing to let you replace stuff, get as much as possible.  
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