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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/21/2001 3:34:39 PM EST
I am not very eloquent and I am sure many of you could write better letters, but I sent this to my senators and congressman and maybe if we all did something might come of it. "As we have found it necessary to call up 35,000 reservists to provide home defense, an unprecedented event in this country, is it not time to rescind the infringements against the second amendment that are keeping all retired military, military veterans and citizen members of the militia from owning the typical infantry weapons? I speak to the ridiculous assault weapons ban, the stupid tax on automatic weapons imposed in 1934 and the other assorted stupid gun laws. Many of us, myself included, were trained on M-16 full automatic weapons in the service. But we are unable to own these because of the ridiculous paperwork invoked by the ATF and the high tax required all of which combine to make owning such a weapon impractical if not totally impossible. This is the standard infantry weapon. What other weapon should the militia be armed with first. I am sure the terrorist that would do whatever is necessary , regardless of law, would have a full automatic weapon if he required. We who would defend this country with our lives are unable to do so, without extreme harassment. I am not even sure if it is allowed to obtain new full automatic weapon under the current rules. I would hope that you would sponsor a bill to permit us, the loyal members of this country, to provide for our own safety and to increase the safety of our nation." It can't hurt. Joe [heavy]
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