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Posted: 12/12/2013 8:07:12 PM EDT
My brother is at the hospital with his wife, making me an uncle.  My Mom called and asked me to pick up his dog for the night.  She's a 1 year old Golden retreiver pup. I picker her up and brought her back to my place.  Now, we have a 8 year old Golden that is a tri-pod due to cancer when she was a pup.  My dog is a love, but hates other dogs.  She thnks she's a person not a dog.  

So, bro's dog gets to my place and does sprint laps around my house sliding around on the wood floors and generally tearing shit up. She drinks a full bowl of water, then pukes 3 times on the carpet.  She wakes up my 7 month old, jumps and scratches my wood door, does some more laps, then decides to start jumping on top of my dog.  After about three laps aroound the house, all endinig with her landing on my dogs back, I leash her up and drive her home.  

I know, CSB

Holy shit, I thought I liked dogs, but I was about 10 seconds from grabbing the G19 out of my nightstand and putting a few HP's in her to slow her down.

I'm convinced that my dog and I are both grumpy in our old age.  She's like my #1 child and watching her get beat up by another dog just pissed me off.

My brothers dog has torn his house apart.  Eaten his carpet in 3 rooms, eaten his door frames and window casings, scratched all his doors to shit.  This after he just fully remodeled the house, top to bottom.  

Anybody else ever dealt with a dog that was completely unruly?  I've seen plenty of puppies, but this one is a giant asshole.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:08:11 PM EDT
Pics of dag?
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:10:17 PM EDT
Sorry.. Took her ass home before any photo ops.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:15:45 PM EDT
You couldn't toss the dog in a crate or something?
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:21:34 PM EDT
I once had a roommate that got a Dalmatian puppy for his birthday. That dog chewed up every goddamned thing it could reach besides the toys he got for it. It once scratched THROUGH the wall in the kitchen, pulled out the insulation, and was almost through the other side of the wall into the hallway when I got home that night.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:21:39 PM EDT
Sounds like a mixture of lack of exercise and failure to discipline the dog in its normal life.  I have two golden mixes and they are very well behaved
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:32:24 PM EDT
on your way to pick it up, you should have picked up some baby benadryl....it'll knock them right out.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:48:07 PM EDT
Sounds like an average 1 year old retriever with little training, to me. Even with training, they can be nuts, especially outside their normal AO.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:48:27 PM EDT

I think it does need more exercise. My dog was run until she about passed out when she was that age.

My brother is going to be suicidal. A brand new baby boy, his own company where he works 12 hour days and the crazy dag. Poor guy.
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