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Posted: 8/23/2017 11:33:59 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/23/2017 11:56:04 PM EST
wtf. Did the fish have a speargun too?
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 12:08:01 AM EST
Good shoot !!

Just, what is the limit on divers in their neck of the ocean?? I would think one would be enough but, i've never fished for them.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 12:16:33 AM EST
Don't let the wife see this. Our Daughter and her hubby fresh water spear fish.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 12:17:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 12:23:18 AM EST
Would you consider him lucky?
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 12:25:15 AM EST
Back in the mid 60's I saw a guy at La Jolla shores who got shot in the head with a spear gun. The spear hit his scull and deflected so the spear really only went under the skin. The funny part is the meat wagons back then were station wagon police cars and they had a hard time loading him on a stretcher into the car because of the spear. They ended up cutting the spear off.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 1:37:28 AM EST
Grab the end and yank it out.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 4:54:43 AM EST
Yeah, I'd love to know exactly how that happened.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 5:04:42 AM EST
Hold my vodak and watch this. The spearfishing version.

What's a vodak?
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:03:54 AM EST
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Originally Posted By bafordman:
Hold my vodak and watch this. The spearfishing version.

What's a vodak?
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Wery similar to wadkah.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:12:09 AM EST
Primorski approved comrades.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:30:52 AM EST
he might want to give up spearfishing..

he sucks at it.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:34:55 AM EST
How much had he been drinking to still be able to stand with that stuck in him.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:38:39 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:39:24 AM EST
He took it well
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 6:55:42 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 7:26:52 AM EST
Oh Jesus Christ. That gave me the strongest ass pucker I've felt in a long time.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 7:34:33 AM EST
He will have a really awesome Been There Done That story to tell at the pub now.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 7:37:43 AM EST
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Originally Posted By ruffhowzer:
wtf. Did the fish have a speargun too?
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Link Posted: 8/24/2017 7:47:41 AM EST
He should find a different dive buddy.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 7:56:06 AM EST
I saw a guy using a nail gun nail his foot to roof sheeting. He took the nail going in better than pulling it to get him off the roof. 

The guy with the spear in his neck will probably be at least 10x worse. 
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 8:58:50 AM EST
Damn, he got Cheney'd.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 9:39:49 AM EST
That is going to hurt like a MFer when they pull it out.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 9:43:37 AM EST
In the movies they just push them on through to remove them.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 9:44:52 AM EST
How do you put that on a stringer?
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 9:53:01 AM EST
Stop identifying as a fish and this kind of shit wont happen to a man.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 10:01:06 AM EST
Wow. Just nope. Dialect is different but they speak so fast.
Link Posted: 8/24/2017 10:47:41 AM EST
I knew a guy that shot himself with his own .223 power head. He was about 90 NM offshore when he did it. The projectile entered his thigh just above the knee. Exited about 3/4 of the way up said thigh. Entered again in his left arm right at the elbow. Exited his shoulder. He had been keeping the power head up his left sleeve of his wet suit with out the safety pin in place. No one is supposed to bring loaded power heads back aboard.
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