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Posted: 5/26/2001 12:12:31 PM EDT
http://newsmax.com/showinsidecover.shtml?a=2001/5/26/73332 All those politicians love Memorial Day they trot out their favorite shot up Vet from WWI or WWII make the tears fall for the cameras...make pretty speeches about the sacrafices American Veterans have made and How their administration is making a committement to Ameican Veterans and then they promptly screw vets at every turn figured maybe Bush would be different but naw...The VA told Bush that thanks to Clintons trying to put the VA in the ground for the last 8yrs they needed help badly He thanked American Vets but promptly cutting 60% out of the VAs projected budget which had already been cut to the bone...thank the Lord congress for once in its patriotism is trying to restore at least the break even operating expenses...its always nice to be full of hoooyah till the real fighting starts..get a spine or a leg and arm blown off or blinded or anyotherwise wounded and see how fast those gung ho politicians forget your name-put your money where your mouth is Bush...I hear your pretty speeches but I also see your actions...and so far on disabled combat vets...you suck
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