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Posted: 10/18/2004 5:49:15 AM EDT
A (AWWWW , not this shit again.) muzzle break for my 24" Bushy Varmit. I've been looking at a break from Smith Enterprise. They are the same folks who make the Vortex and the break I'm looking at would reduce dust printing and would help with recoil. The recoil isn't really an issue but if I could reduce it more that would help. What will it be used for? Well, I look at this rifle as a SHTF rifle. I've trained ALOT ( some 400 hours at my last count and that isn't including Marine Corps boot camp.) with M-16's and AR-15's of all shapes and sizes EXCEPT for the ultra small uppers. Anyway, I find this length managable and feel as comfortable with it as I do my carbine and other rifles. Anyway, what says you all. Thanks and take care.
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 5:55:39 AM EDT
This is the one I have been using in my shop over the last year and a half. It reduces recoil about 45%.

This will take a 300 RUM down to the .308 level. I have used ones like the Smith Enterprise breaks. But I have found the Holland works so much better.

Holland Guns
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 7:31:43 PM EDT
Thanks man! I talked to my gunsmith (Whom I trust a lot!) And he advised against it. He said the stress put on the barrell when cutting would cause the barrell to be out of harmony w/ the rest of the gun. Sounds right to me. So I'm not gonna do it. It shoots FANTASTICALLY and I don't want to chance screwing it up. Take care.
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