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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/12/2006 12:53:31 PM EDT
I am a proud owner of a Beagle pup, his name is Dagwood..........only 2 months old, please clue me in on his deameanor and ways. I hear he is a hunting dog, can he help in fetching quail?
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 12:57:17 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 12:58:33 PM EDT by SS109]
They like to run and they like to howl. Keep them exercised and grow used to the howl. And I would take obedience classes with Dagwood as soon as possible.

Our Barney would also love to run out the front door if you gave him a chance.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 12:57:53 PM EDT
What- no picture of him sitting next to your AR? I was clicking here throughly expecting that.

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:05:51 PM EDT
Lucky, was our Beagle. Full of energy. Beagles need excersize. He scared himself the 1st time he howled.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:15:36 PM EDT
Hehehe........Yes I hope to soon post Dagwood with a 1911 spring field or a benelli shot gun as soon as I acquire a fancy digital camara.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:18:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 1:22:57 PM EDT by capnrob97]
Bailey Beagle just turned 6 today.

Best dogs in the world, IMHO

ETA: They are hunters, and as such, will follow their nose anywhere when they catch a scent, even into traffic. So keep them on a leash in suburban areas. Also, they are eaters, Bailey will eat everything in sight, and then look at you with those big brown eyes like she is starving or something. Be careful, beagles can get fat pretty quick once they leave the puppy stage if you let them.

Also, what until he starts to howl... Bailey does it when we play ball with her. She never barks, only howls.

Beagles demeanor is very happy-go-lucky. They are the merry hound, great with kids.

Enjoy your new companion!
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:20:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 1:23:00 PM EDT by ICEAGE]
I have one, lazy and dont like to get muddy. He's a house dog now cause he when I brought him hunting he was scared to get lost or dirty.

Smart as hell... He actually thinks ahead and plots against my German Shepherd.

I've seen him look at his food bowl, run into the shed where we had some gunny sacks. Grab one run back to his food bowl and cover it up with the sack. (Im dead serious).

Now how the hell would the dog know where I kept some sacks and how did he figure out it would cover his food bowl with it? He sat there and thought about the best thing to hide his bowl under?
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:22:38 PM EDT
I agree capnrob97 there great dogs and very smart, old dagwood will be one of the best friends man has ever had. Fetch Dagwood.......!!!
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:24:43 PM EDT
Had one when I was a kid out in the country down in Poway, CA. "Bugsy" loved to hunt and howled pretty regularly. We kept him in the garage at night and let him out in the morning. We did not do right by him as far as excercise and just kind of let him do his thing. Eventually he did not come back home from hunting and was seen trotting down a trail behind a female coyote. We laughed at the idea of a Beagle-ote. Some time after that he was run over by a car.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:34:48 PM EDT
Ooooooooooooo Yeah..........Those big brown eyes that say I love you for ever and never quit, lol..............No doubt you got to look after those eyes. Thanks all for your insight on your beloved beagles. Great dogs I most say!!! Old Snoopy!!!
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:45:47 PM EDT
We have Beagiebear. She is the best. Dagwood will be a great friend. I think it depends on how you raise him, indoor or out. Beagiebear is a house mutt. She does her business outside but doesnt hang out there much. She is also older, so not much running around anymore. Beagle have arthritis and hip problems later in life so make sure he takes his beagie vitamins. Good luck!!!!!
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 3:59:02 PM EDT
I have 2 beagles they are brothers, Rocky and Red, they are smart loyal and playfull. They are 1 year old now and a lot of fun and they are bed hogs. They think our bed is theres and they are nice to let us sleep on it. Enjoy yours, but 2 is better :)
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 4:02:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:10:12 PM EDT
we'll my family owned a kennel of about 50-60 beagles at any time...growing up
my father still has some.

no..beagles arent really a fetching dog..

they chase rabbits...
they chase deer..
they will chase cattle..sometimes..
they are really vocal.. ( the neighbors will thank you ) from barking..to baying...
they like to dig.. ( i hear that some beagles that disappear from oklahoma and arkansas wind up as food in china ) my guess is that they can dig thru the core of the earth.

they can stink like no other hound..

i love them to death...
but only as rabbit dogs..when hunted 4-8 in a pack.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:26:03 PM EDT
Flash was my Beagle's name. We live in the country. I spent $1500.00 and three weeks putting up 700 linear feet of chainlink fencing to keep him in our 1 acre back yard. It took all of two days for him to dig out! No matter what I did he would still dig. Even put up a electric hog wire six inches off the ground surrounding the fence. He still got out and I still chased him down so he wouldn't get lost. You know what? He got out one late afternoon and I didn't haul his butt back in. He took off for the woods opposite our house and ran rabbits alllllllllllll night and came back home the next morning! I got to where I would open the gate for him just as the sun was going down, he would run strait to the woods, run rabbits all night, and when we got up the next morning he would be dragging his tired hound dog butt back to his house to sleep!! He passed on a few years ago and I sure do miss waking up during the night and hearing him howling off in the distant woods dead on the heals of some rabbit or deer. Thanks Flash. Wj
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:43:33 PM EDT
Beagles are loud.
Beagles are stubborn.
Beagles love to run.
Beagles have amazing noses.
Beagles running rabbits are an unparralled joy!
Beagles are affectionate.
Beagles can be brave all out of proportion to their size.
Most beagles aren't real bright.
Most beagles are chewers, and need chew toys.

Our beagle pup (Scout) just turned 5 months old. Our last beagle (Buddy) died last year at 14. Lots of exercise and training are a must for beagles. Don't over-feed him, they tend to over-eat.

For hunting they are runners. They're no pointers, but Buddy was a surprisingly effective pheasant hunter. When he found a pheasant he would sit down and cry (not howl) until the bird flushed. He wouldn't go near them even after they were dead.

Teach him early to come when he is called!

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:54:08 PM EDT
+1 what they said.....Molly is six years old....and a great dog.

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 6:56:39 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Phantom_Piney:
I am a proud owner of a Beagle pup, his name is Dagwood..........only 2 months old, please clue me in on his deameanor and ways. I hear he is a hunting dog, can he help in fetching quail?

They're hounds, not bird dogs... Although you could probably teach one to fetch, they're more at home chasing foxes, raccoons, or similar...
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 10:59:35 PM EDT
I can't believe there is only one beagle pic!!! Here is mine, she is a sweet little girl that likes to sleep eat and cuddle. She doesn't yap as much as some of them, she is a pretty quiet dog.

Here she is beside her nightstand gun.

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 11:08:20 PM EDT
Forgot to add, she's kind of timid and was very very skittish when we first got her, she had no socialization until we got her at 10 months old. When she gets scared her anal gland goes off and she emits this foul odor. She's like a little floppy eared skunk. Or maybe floppy eared pig would be a better description, I have a greyhound and have to sit and supervise when they eat or abbie will eat all the food. She's like a stomach with legs. She also likes to dig. She buries the squirrels I give her, and seems to be clever sometimes. Once I gave my dogs a rawhide stick treat and for some reason Abbie wanted the one Dusty had. Abbie was still pretty young at the time and Dusty was the old alpha dog so she didn't outright challange Dusty, instead she layed down and pretended to chew her treat, all the while watching dusty. She got closer and closer and dusty looked away once and she jumped up and swapped treats!! It was pretty funny!!
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:16:09 AM EDT
A beagle named Bandit lives with me.

He loves to run, he loves to play. Usually that means being chased.

He has no brains. He knows where the food is, and can fly. At least that's the only explanation I have for how he gets up on things and eats our food.

He thinks he's a cat - likes to sleep on the back of the couch so he can see out the front window.

He likes other beagles. If a small animal gets in the yard he will go nuts barking at it.

He has caught and killed birds and rabbits in our back yard. Did I mention he likes to run and is really fast.

He loves and or needs lots of affetion. He would be a lap dog if I let him.

If you live in an area where there are dangerous snakes, you can take your beagle to a class to snake proof them. Beagles tend to run a scent with nose to the ground and they can run up on a snake before they see it. They can be trained to not do that.

If you like beagles a lot, check for a Beagle Rescue group near you. Its a great place to find good dogs cheap.

And they seem to do better if they live with another beagle. At least mine did. Although now he just thinks he's one of the kids. They are great pets and have great personalities. Although they are somewhat hard to hang on to at times.

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:34:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/13/2006 5:37:00 AM EDT by NoahFN]
Here's my Stally at as a pup:


Here is a recent pic at 1 year old after I put one of my old sweaters on her:


And here is Churchill, the most recent addition:


I have to agree with the other posters, they love to run, dig, and tend to smell worse than any other dog I've had.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:48:16 AM EDT
Great with kids but once outside, their nose takes over and they'd rather hunt something than play. They're usually not that smart compared to other dogs but hunting lines are bred for their nose and hutning ability and not intelligence.

They like food almost as much as hunting so they'll get fat if not exercised.

They can be used to hunt pheasant since they like to run (and leave trails) and only fly when they have to. They hunt for themselves so I wouldn't think you could control one close enough to actually be there to fetch a quail or even see you shoot it. It may help you find a downed bird but they are ground scenters and it would be harded with no trail to cross, where as birddogs are air scenters and are better suited for finding birds.

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:50:37 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Phantom_Piney:
I am a proud owner of a Beagle pup, his name is Dagwood..........only 2 months old, please clue me in on his deameanor and ways. I hear he is a hunting dog, can he help in fetching quail?

Beagles are sight hounds and are used to track and bay game. I don't see why he couldn't flush up some quail but his retrieving abilities might be limited. Over all not the best bird dog but better then nothing.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:55:09 AM EDT

Originally Posted By ED_P:
What- no picture of him sitting next to your AR? I was clicking here throughly expecting that.

here you go
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 5:58:42 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/13/2006 6:04:34 AM EDT by jeep2919]
We have had Baxter Beagle for almost 4 years now and the above posts have basically described him right on the money. If your dog will be in the house, get him a crate or designate a room to keep him in. Baxter hated the crate and we were suckers for those eyes and stopped using it. for the first 1.5 years we never knew what he might chew while we were gone. We tried keeping him in the kitchen with a baby gate and he jumped it the first day(he was roughly 3 months old and the gate was twice his height). The howl is cute at first but give it a few months and see how cute it is at 2a.m. The above posts have seemed to state otherwise but Baxter loves to play fetch. He has even taken to catching a frisbee. Some of the other posters may think I'm crazy but Baxter loves to swim. He will fetch a ball into my mom's pond(or Lake Superior when camping) all day if there is someone to throw it. The first time we overdid it and he was limping with sore legs for two days. Baxter has been good with kids but I wouldn't say he is a kid dog. He would never hurt a child but is disinterested and will walk away if he can. You made a good choice with a Beagle, they have their moments but I don't think I would own a different breed of dog after having one.

The above post mentioned not being as smart as other dogs but I disagree. Baxter does not bark, only howls but he wouldn't howl when he needed to go outside. Baxter told us he wanted to go outside by scratching the door and moulding which was tearing it up. We hung a small bell from a string next to the door and within 48 hours he was ringing it to tell us he wanted to go out. All we did was ring it everytime we took him outside and he took it from there.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 8:47:11 AM EDT
Here's a couple more of Abbie when she was younger, before she got fat. She loves to lie on the picnic table, beagles seem to want to get up high, she climbs up wood piles and over furniture, well she did before she got so fat. I would not say she likes other dogs but they seem to comfort her. My greyhound is the same way, I guess because they were raised in packs.

Beagles are scent hounds, greyhounds are sight hounds.

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:01:24 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/15/2006 3:56:40 AM EDT by Lancelot]
this is how your beagle tells you you're driving to fast......

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:25:08 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/13/2006 9:31:55 PM EDT by MoparMike]
Betsey is a very affectionate dog, with an addiction to cheese, chicken, and turkey. She is also a very vocal dog when she is comfy on the bed. You move her, she lets you know exactly how displeased she is that you are trying to move her from her bed, no matter how much you protest that you have to go to bed on your bed.

She is also the cutest, most loveable dog on the planet. She will climb up on you and put one paw on each side of your neck, as if to hug you. She then will start "talking", sort of telling you how her day went, then proceeding to clean your face .

She wasn't around other dogs the first 5 years of her life, so she really resents our 2 year old Blue Heeler and even her 1yr old pups. They get on the bed, she yaps and growls at them just like us.

Betsey, Queen of the Known Universe, Consumer of the Cheese, Chaser of Squirrels.

ETA: She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. At 4 months she would speak at the command in 3 different languages. At 7 weeks, we let her out in the yard for the first time and she made a bee-line for an unknown-to-us rabbit nest. And I have no idea what y'all are talking about a stink. She smells like an outside dog after running around for 6 hours, but other than that, she smells like the laundry she tries to nap on.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 9:42:47 PM EDT

Mickey 13 Years old
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 9:36:58 PM EDT
Great pictures. My first dog was an AKC Beagle in 1966 or so. Her name was Ginger and she was a rabbit hunting machine. Not the smartest dog I ever owned but definetley one of the cutest.
I have had Dobermans for the past 20+ years, they are the best.
Do not get me wrong I love beagles.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 10:01:47 PM EDT
I have owned beagles for over 20 years and come to the conclusion that more than any animal I have ever had Beagles love to eat.

Food is their #1 priority and their noses are so good that they will find it anywhere they can. I had one beagle that took up a liking to sod grub worms and would dig up dozens of them every day, along with our yard.

If they get out and you live near deer, rabbits, etc., plan on a long hike listening for the familar baying and just follow the noise. I had to chase, catch and bring home all 3 of mine one morning when they got out and chased deer over a mile from the house. We lost one of them another time for 5 days before she came home. I always had to physically catch the dogs wheneve they were in their tracking trance.

No puppies are cuter than Beagle puppies and one of my dogs lived to be 18 and I have one left now that is coming up on 15, so be ready for the long haul.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 10:32:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 3:58:43 AM EDT
Yea! What is it with cheese.

My dog can tell when I open the fridge and get the cheese out. The dog can be 12 miles away and know I have cheese. Its like a meth addict looking for a fix. Forget the steak bring on the cheese!

Maybe its a beagle thing? Maybe related to the hyperactive nose?

All I know is, for my dog, cheese is the heat. (well, sort of )
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 4:22:40 AM EDT
I don't have any pix, but our "Happy" (or, usually Hapster) is about 18 weeks old now.
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