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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/26/2001 1:20:55 PM EST
And started deporting every mid-eastern student, businessman, etc. Logic dictates that any terrorists in this country are probably of middle eastern decent and are here on temporery[sp] visas.This should have been done within the first few days. Will it happen now with the signing of this new bill today? Get them all out of this country and then let them re-immigrate under much stricter controls. just ranting, I guess
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 1:36:44 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 1:40:01 PM EST
HEHEHEHE, are ya sure about that?
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 2:07:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/26/2001 2:02:10 PM EST by dissipator556]
When I was doing my undergrad, the VA set me up with a job in the "International Student Services" office at my school. We were responsible for issuing these people J-1, F-1 visa's, etc. You would not believe how many of those shitheads never even showed up! As a Marine, I was always suspicious of the "rogue state" immigrants, and would try to deal with them personally, if I was available. I seem to recall one very rude gentleman from Iran who threatened to kill our secretary over the phone. When he came in to pick up his student visa, someone 'accidentally' lost his medical and shot records. Damn it, he had to get another physical and all of his shots over again! Aside from that, I think he didn't like my 7.62 Design shirt, with the caption "671 grains of diplomacy" and the .50 cal sniper team below it. Several times, I was told by my Syrian manager that I should be more gracious to some foreign (I.E. Iraqi's, Iranians, Libyans, Afghani's, etc.) students. I always thought that she was intentionally allowing anti-Americans into this Country, and I still believe so. The student visa system is a joke; any idiot with enough cash can sucker his way into the US. It sickens me to think that we continue on with this mindless policy.
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 2:48:55 PM EST
I use Discover myself, much better if you pay your balance every month. The Visa ads just go in the trash. [;D]
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 3:03:10 PM EST
Not to sound like too much of an isolationist, but I do believe in looking out for our own people first - which is why I think we should cancel a large number of H1B visa's as well. We have a lot of high tech people (computer programmers, etc) that are currently unemployed - thankfully I'm not one of them right now - and it would do the country and these people good to get back to a job - one that someone with an H1B visa is currently holding.
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 4:08:36 PM EST
What good whould it do to cancel them when they don't even go looking for the ones with expired visas?
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