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Posted: 10/6/2004 7:01:22 PM EDT
Just wanted you to know how much your Kerry-Fonda bumper stickers were appreciated. This from my brother in ID who has had one on since I got it from you. Apparently someone saw his pu and posted a pic of the bumper sticker:

Well, I'll be......my pick-up made it on the net!!!!! who says that I won't support Kerry(along with his bitch running mate)! have a nice day! and be TRUE TO THE U S of A!
by the way Ted, people all over the Northwest are wanting this bumper sticker!I've even heard back from people in Texas that they would like some, and also they want it known that there is no such thing as a Kerry/Edwards sign posted anywhere in the state of Texas!Is this true, you TX guys?

He also cc'ed the email to the whole family. Here, for your amusement and enjoyment, are two replies from (unfortunately) my soon-to-be-liberal-sil. Kind of reads like something from duh:


I don't have to like--or support--Bush, to love my country!

and 2.

...and, furthermore, I REFUSE to support a man who is responsible for
RAPING America and Americans, and personally pulling the trigger for every
human killed in this ridiculous war that should never have happened in the
first place. The troops NEED to come home before he kills any more of

Looks like someone may have a bit of trouble fitting in with the family.

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