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Posted: 5/14/2001 2:32:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:36:00 PM EDT
damnnnnnnnnnnn to bad its probly not a real auction
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:37:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:37:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/14/2001 2:41:01 PM EDT by lordtrader]
Real enough site though. [b]Seem they've been mentioned on Howard Stern show.[/b] could be legit. The site seem to be overloaded right now though. [url]http://www.xbay.com/[/url]
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:39:17 PM EDT
Hummmm....very nice. Now I know what to tell the ol lady to get me for Christmas.[:p]
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:39:22 PM EDT
I have a strange feeling that this is the real deal.
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:40:41 PM EDT
Is this a real auction, because I want to bid. stubbs™
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:41:27 PM EDT
The site is down. Mentioned something about the Howard Stern show plug resulted from toooo many hits.
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:41:47 PM EDT
If it is, I'll go for a few.[:D] Eric
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:43:43 PM EDT
Ohhhhh, make me write bad checks[:D]
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:45:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/14/2001 2:45:07 PM EDT by lordtrader]
You think AntiUSSA and Grin and Barrett would understand if I back out of the LEGP group purchase now. Hey how bout a group buy on this one. Naaaahhhh maybe not. [;D]
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:49:17 PM EDT
Holy crap! Hottie alert! And to think I got married last month. Do you think the wife would mind?
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:50:34 PM EDT
We'll call it a gang-purchase and I go first[sex] Or maybe a bukakku!!!!!
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 2:55:02 PM EDT
Is there a "buy it now" price?
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:01:10 PM EDT
I have an idea. Make this a part of the LEGP. Bump up the price on the Rifle. Go to pick it up, get your rifle, bang this hot chick, donate money to the AR15.com server fund, donate to the bothers in arms fund, and get your AR15.com T shirt. I can see it now, the line would be going out the door. [:)]
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:05:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:09:38 PM EDT
"Reserve not met." Wonder what that might be... I've seen some interesting escort sites, but this one has certainly added a twist.
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:24:41 PM EDT
Ya sure I am going to outbid you with my 4 figure income.
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:29:42 PM EDT
As suggested we do the group purchase plan for her virginity. Then we all assemble in one place and get on speaker phone. We call her and all at once we say: ALL YOUR VIRGINITY ARE BELONG TO US
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:33:16 PM EDT
Originally Posted By hatebreed: We call her and all at once we say: ALL YOUR VIRGINITY ARE BELONG TO US
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Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:33:57 PM EDT
How much is shipping? Does she come UPS?
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:34:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:34:51 PM EDT
Damn an 18 year old Virgin? She looks pretty hot, but I think I can still get it for free if I look hard enough. Girls just love a man in uniform. I am curios to see how high the bid will go
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 3:39:10 PM EDT
How about a group purchase?I'm in.
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 6:41:40 PM EDT
Ok, buttheads, pull your dicks in. Thats Katie Holmes from Dawson's Creek (TV show on WB).
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 7:43:57 PM EDT
dann u ARDOC for ruining it for the rest of us
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 7:46:04 PM EDT
She'll go far in life
Link Posted: 5/14/2001 8:12:00 PM EDT
Are they Kali legal?
Link Posted: 5/15/2001 9:30:43 AM EDT
Originally Posted By ARDOC: Ok, buttheads, pull your dicks in. Thats Katie Holmes from Dawson's Creek (TV show on WB).
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Negatory dear sir. That is an actual person. Been on Howard Stern show. Wether or not its a scam is another question
Originally Posted By ASR: Are they Kali legal?
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Being a virgin, I guess she wouldn't be considered hi-cap. although definitely a post-ban.
Link Posted: 5/15/2001 9:37:41 AM EDT
So lordtrader, you've come to surfing Xbay.com for a girlfriend. Tsk, tsk. The bid's now over $20,000. I'm sure the bid is as legitimate as her virginity. Seems she has an "out" clause in the deal. If she doesn't like the way you look, she's outa' there.
Link Posted: 5/15/2001 9:58:20 AM EDT
So how is this different than prostitution?
Link Posted: 5/15/2001 11:05:30 AM EDT
Prostitution takes place on street corners and in cheap motels. This takes place in cyberspace......The final frontier.
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