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Posted: 9/21/2005 8:08:35 AM EDT
...found at HK Forums.com.....

Member # 1956
posted October 21, 2001 23:16
Did you get rejected at the AR15.com?
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Junior Member
Member # 2054
posted October 22, 2001 07:24

Originally posted by G41:
Did you get rejected at the AR15.com?

I got remouved for posting a picture of a guy sucking himself off and said it was garandman on AR15.com.

Member # 1369
posted October 26, 2001 11:21

Doesnt seem like a reason to boot somebody. Those guys need to get a sense of humor and I need to sign up for a yoga class.

Link Posted: 9/21/2005 8:11:08 AM EDT
were you bored?
Link Posted: 9/21/2005 8:12:17 AM EDT
and anopther one at www.e53.org...

mcuzi rant
Every once in a while a good hard laugh is just what somone needs. I was shown these two "rants" the other day and I would have to say that they are by far two of the funniest things i have ever read in my life. They come from a forum that a co-worker of mine frequents. the first one is known as the "mcuzi rant" and the second is by the same guy on a different occasion. read at your own disgression.. you may have to change your wet pants when you are done. enjoy.

It is people like you who are placing the ills of society on inanimate objects and taking responsibilities out of the hands of the guilty. I believe your useful time is up as someone who is in a position to be a mentor to the youth of America. I now suggest you look to retire a nice quasi-communist/socialist 3rd world country, as you now are not worthy nor deserve the freedoms and protections that this fine country provides.but, then my emotions took over and it kinda went south your incessant posting of sanctimonious bullshit and self righteous nonsense proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that indeed sometimes the slowest sperm does fertilize the egg...
While you may fancy yourself some sort of a ?Christian?, I am sure Christ would gleefully leap off the nearest bridge in order to disassociate himself with your holier-than-thou crap.

All I can think of when my eyes are burned with the continual lack of quality content of your posts, bible thumping horseshit, and moderator ass-kissing is that another 4 minutes of my life could be potentially wasted should I make the mistake to read whatever you have written.

You have dirty clothes, BO, bad breath, and I am quite confident that should one open your top dresser drawer, it would contain skid marked underwear.

Your children will grow to be nothing more then felons or beggars due to their genetic lineage. Likely, even your car is a smog machine, and pollutes the earth like you pollute this site. You are a festering infected boil on the ass of gun ownership, and Christianity; with the apparent intelligence of an autistic gnat with downs syndrome. You are the type
of weenie that causes people of mutilate themselves, trying to escape the emotional pain that people as worthless as you even exist.

Knowing that you are a gun owner, I am strongly leaning towards supporting testing for firearms. The fact that a man who can?t even grasp the insane hypocrisy that exists in your constant barrage of self-sainthood is allowed to own a habiliment of destruction is a fucking social calamity, and needs to be stopped.

You cry like a woman, and you have a night-light to fend off boogie men. You dress in drag, and you listen to ABBA. I am guessing that early in life, Hitler encountered the Jewish version of ?Garandman ?, thus explaining his future actions.
I wish you nothing less then painful pancreatic cancer. Stones in your shoes on long walks, and blisters on your ass as you sit down to shit. Sleepless nights, broken hearts, hurricane damage to your home, sadness, pain, misery, ?Out of the Closet? outspoken homosexual children, traffic tickets, loss of loved ones, felony convictions for crimes you didn?t commit, weight gain, stubbed toes, sprained limbs, damage to the transmission of your car on the ONE DAY you really needed it, always having ?something in your eye?, having to smell other peoples farts in elevators, ...long waits at traffic lights, getting laid off from your job, medical bills, having a squib load, then firing a round after it, holes in your socks, underwear that?s too tight, sexual impotence, limb amputation, or any other possible iniquitous event that could harm you as bad as your mere presence harms humanity as a whole.

I believe elimination of inutile cocksuckers such as you could bring everyone on this planed of differing views together, for the sole purpose of your eradication. You are living proof that humans can impregnate rodents.

I fucking hate you.

Link Posted: 9/21/2005 8:13:07 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/21/2005 8:13:52 AM EDT by garandman]

Originally Posted By thedave1164:
were you bored?

Pretty much...

Don't hate me cuz I'm famous.

Link Posted: 9/21/2005 8:16:01 AM EDT

Originally Posted By garandman:

Originally Posted By thedave1164:
were you bored?

Pretty much...

Don't hate me cuz I'm famous.

Link Posted: 9/21/2005 8:17:22 AM EDT
^^ backs out slowly^^ Patty
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