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Posted: 5/9/2004 3:29:18 PM EST
A group of 150 people disappeared within one minute
Witnesses clearly saw that a glimmering cloud shrouded the people who entered a small valley. Then the foggy mass lifted off and disappeared in the blue carrying along the first battalion of the 5th Norfolk regiment of the British army - all soldiers to a man were gone...

Vanished in a cloud
The event which occurred on August 21, 1915, when an entire battalion was gone in the presence of other people, had been an official secret for over fifty years. Only in 1967 the documents containing the testimonies of twenty witnesses to this incident, which happened in the Southern Europe near Dardanelles, were made public. A long search for the vanished soldiers was mounted. But none of them had been found neither among the dead, nor among the POWs released by Turks after the war.
Mass disappearances of people are among the mysteries in the world history which are most hard to explain. So far scientists cannot offer a lucid explanation for such strange things, as the disappearance in 1590 of about a hundred men, women and children, who lived in an American colony on Roanoke Island. When the soldiers marched in the village, they saw burning candles and tables set for meal in the huts, but with no settlers around. The first idea was that Indians had killed them, but no drop of blood or dead body could be found anywhere. Only a few words were left carved seemingly in great haste on a tree near the priest's house reading "it doesn't look like... ".
The search for six hundred inhabitants of the settlement Hoer-Verde in Brazil, who disappeared on February 5, 1923, was given up a long time ago. The police thoroughly examined the vacated small town. At school, they noticed a gun, which was apparently used the day before, lying on the floor and words "there is no salvation" written on a blackboard.
"We can only guess why such mysteries happen, but so far we have failed to find any scientific explanation for them," said Zong Li, Doctor of History from Harbin, who had been investigating cases of mass disappearances in China for many years. "Well, how can the disappearance of 3, 000 Chinese soldiers near Nanking, where they held their positions on a December night in 1937, be explained? Next morning, radio communication with this unit was suddenly lost, and a reconnaissance group dispatched quickly did not find any trace of the people. It appeared as if they had deserted, but around there were posts of armed guard and the soldiers could not escape unnoticed. Recently, an investigation in the city archive produced evidence of the 12th company 100 strong of the Soviet NKVD forces disappeared in November 1945. The group was heading for the railway station and did not come back. A search yielded only slight traces like tents put up for a halt, or an extinguished fire. That same year, a train carrying hundreds of passengers traveling from Guandun to Shanghai was lost halfway to its destination, leaving not a single nut. Where might all the passengers have gone?

The Ominous God
Researcher Richard Lazarus suggests that meteorites are behind these mysteries. During their fall on the ground, celestial bodies are charged with a potential as high as billions (!) of volt. On hitting Earth's surface they explode with a violent force, as it happened near the River Tunguska, Siberia. But sometimes meteorites fall apart before they reach Earth, hitting it with a huge wave of energy that creates electrostatic levitation. Under these circumstances, large groups of people, ships or even trains may be lifted up and transferred across vast distances.
Ancient Greeks of the city-states situated in Italy attributed the disappearance of people to the deeds of god Proteus. Consisting of protoplasm it dozes underground and once in 50 years wakes up to have a meal. Proteus could transform into any thing and was imagined as coming to the surface from volcanoes. So, people had to sacrifice to it a hundred of virgin slave girls leaving them near a volcano. And they disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only their fetters. The well-known American writer Dean Koontz in his horror book Phantoms favors a theory of the incorporeal god and believes that Proteus existed in realoty.
"It is an enormous mass of protoplasm covering maybe an area of some square kilometers," explains Koontz. "Some millions years of age, it is probably one of the very first forms of life existing in the entrails of Earth or deep in the ocean. Once or twice in a century it eats people dissolving and digesting them almost entirely. Deep pools of water were found in the huts of Roanoke colony. A Chinese pilot searching for a missed train spotted from air a small lake that seemed to emerge from nowhere. Frozen water was found in the huts of an abandoned small Eskimo village on the shores of Lake Anjikuni, Canada, in 1930. The human body is 90 percent water, and that was perhaps all that was left of the dissolved victims of Proteus.

Missing ships
Stories about crews vanishing with their ships are known worldwide. The story of the brig Mary Celeste found in 1872 drifting between the Azores and Portugal is a classic example. A boarding party dispatched from another ship discovered unfinished smoking tobacco pipes, prepared meals, mugs with dried up beer... and not a single sailor onboard.
The same happened near Philippines when in 1955 the steam-ship Hoita was found drifting without a crew, or in 1941, when a patrol vessel in the North Atlantic came upon the ship Iceland to find her engines running and everything looking normal, except that not a single soul was seen anywhere around.
"I blame the so-called "black holes" for disappearance of people", says Jane Lindsett, Professor, California University, San Francisco. "Periodically, time and space on Earth refract, and entire cities may find themselves in a different dimension, which sometimes "spits them out". There are scores of such "black holes " on Earth, and people frequently get in them. A decade ago, a 36-year-old Lydia Kimfield, Androver (Texas), disappeared during her visit to the doctor. An hour later her body was found one thousand kilometers away from the city. An autopsy showed that she had died two months earlier! In the state of New Mexico there is a road on which 19 people disappeared without a trace, the last case being in 1997. The road runs across the desert, which can be observed from air. The vanished people might have been carried over to the ocean or woods where they perished. Objects cannot travel across space, that's why ships were found vacated, but the belongings of those who disappeared were in place".
At the same time, Professor Lindsett cannot explain the mysterious signs on the wall of the Mayan temple and on the tree in Roanoke.
One of the recent bizarre events happened in the village of Stomu, Congo, in 2001 in a quiet area in the north, where the local insurgents were not active. The UN staff that brought humanitarian aid to the village (there are problems with food supplies in that country ) found there neither people, nor domestic animals and poultry. The tribe leader attempted to give a warning in the local language about something awful using a piece of charcoal to scrawl "Run! It...". But the phrase was left unfinished.
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My father was the investigating officer in a case like this when he worked for the Ontario Prov. Police.
Missing family, food on the stove and coffee brewing.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:22:38 PM EST
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Philadelphia Experiment
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:24:17 PM EST
[liberals] Its all George Bush's fault! [/]

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:27:11 PM EST
Man I had just put me tin foil hat up...hang on let me get it down again.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:28:53 PM EST

Originally Posted By Kar98:
Here they are, and then they are not: Mysterious disappearings.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Some members have had that happen to them.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:31:15 PM EST
When it happens to me, I will let you know what is going on.....
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:35:03 PM EST
There really is some freaky stuff out there!
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:37:00 PM EST

Originally Posted By Aimless:
I think there is some research being done on this subject at Miskatonic University


Go Pods!
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:39:00 PM EST
That's what happens to all of my 10mm wrenches and little plastic straws that I save from spray cans!

I'd been blaming the tool box gremlins.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:43:58 PM EST
The Shalnuksis took them.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:45:17 PM EST
They turned me into a newt!!!1
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:51:25 PM EST
I don't know about the other cases, but the fate of the Norfolks is well known.

Their bodies were found in a mass grave in the 1920's, seems the Turks shot them as they tried to surrender.

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:56:52 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 12:57:57 AM EST

Originally Posted By 95thFoot:

Was that beacuse of what I said? Google "Sandringham Battalion", and you will find the whole story.

Link Posted: 5/10/2004 8:42:56 AM EST
Realfast: Did you get bettah?
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 8:48:19 AM EST
The major mystery is why people believe such crap

And just for show:john 3:16
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:00:11 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:18:47 AM EST
You see, if we were to ban assault weapons this would never happen!!!!
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