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Posted: 6/15/2002 1:03:56 AM EDT
Somewhere in the last few weeks I saw a great quote, attributed to USMC sniper Carlos Hathcock. It was something along the lines of "No matter how bad the weather is, it's always a great day at the range." Does anyone have the actual quote and citation, if it was even something he actually said? [>:/]
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 1:04:54 AM EDT
Try that sniper forum website. I bet they know every time he burped.... Scott
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 4:55:24 AM EDT
got a live link to that sniper site ?
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 5:10:28 AM EDT
Try ;http://www.marinescoutsniper.com/Carlos.html,http://www.snipercountry.com/sniper.htm,http://www.snipersparadise.com/,http://www.snipershide.com/ Semper Fi
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 8:42:55 PM EDT
Originally Posted By CactusJack: got a live link to that sniper site ?
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[url]http://www.snipercountry.com[/url] Scott
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 8:47:37 PM EDT
Our saying around here is " The worse day at the range is better than the best day at the office"...(except when it's 110 degrees)
Link Posted: 6/15/2002 8:54:13 PM EDT
Originally Posted By bandit1200: [url]www.marinescoutsniper.com/Carlos.html[/url] [url]www.snipercountry.com/sniper.htm[/url] [url]www.snipersparadise.com[/url] [url]www.snipershide.com[/url]
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