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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 10/7/2007 3:59:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/7/2007 4:19:55 PM EST by LouisianaCarry]
We are currently discussing changing the name of Louisiana Carry. We have not yet made the final decision, and welcome any thoughts/feedback that you may have.

Below are the pros/cons brought up so far.

Possible reasons to change name:

* Having the word ‘Carry’ in our name has generated some slight confusion with some people who hear about us or see our fliers. Some people seem to think (understandably) at first glance that we are devoted only to helping people get carry permits. We would like to see people get permits, but that is only one facet of what we do, and we may not get the notice of some people who might otherwise get involved. This is the main reason for this current discussion.
* The name ‘Louisiana Carry’ does not fully reflect the entirety of our mission statement. For example, our goals include: fostering youth firearms sports; promoting Louisiana Ranges and pro-gun establishments; promote BayouShooter.com; promote pro-liberty candidates and laws throughout the State. A different name might be more all-encompassing.

Possible reasons to retain name:

* We already have some name recognition built up, as well as fliers in businesses and links to our web site propagated throughout the internet. Name changes are detrimental to that.
* There is a very small group of people funding our efforts so far, and we would have to replace several hundred dollars in promotional material that we have already acquired.
* We already own the domain names louisianacarry.org, lacarry.org, louisianacarry.com & lacarry.com. This is money that would have to be re-spent if we had a new name. Also, it would be a lot of work to update our web site fully.

I have suggested the name “Louisiana Liberty League.” Since firearms are what make liberty possible, that seems fitting. Also, that name seems like a better sound byte, when we do start generating press coverage in the future. If anyone has any other suggestions, you are welcome to submit them.

Someone else has suggested maybe copying the Virginia Citizen's Defense League. Naturally we would change the State name. VCDL (web site) has been tremendously effective at what they do. When the NRA said that the 'time wasn't right' to get carry permits in VA, they said "We don't care" and got it passed themselves. They are the group most like what we want to become. I have spoken to their president, and he strikes me as not minding if we were to do that. He wants to help any way he can. There is already a "Texas Citizen's Defense League," so we would not be the first to duplicate the name. It is a good name, the only reason I would see not to use it would be to achieve some individuality.

I would appreciate any thoughts yall have on this matter.

Link Posted: 10/8/2007 8:02:27 AM EST
Unfortunately, while I do want a good sound byte, I also want to attract a wide range of gun owners. Going so far as to make safety a part of the name generates a different set of similar issues (limiting the scope of what the name covers, giving the impression among a percentage of people that we are a Brady clone that is using words creatively, etc.)

Keep the ideas coming, though!
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 8:05:15 AM EST
"The Pelican State Skunk Ape Self-Defense League"

"Don't let a Skunk Ape get the drop on you"

Link Posted: 10/8/2007 8:09:24 AM EST

Originally Posted By Merrell:
"The Pelican State Skunk Ape Self-Defense League"


"Don't let a Skunk Ape get the drop on you"

Red X done got the drop on you.

How about Rajun' Cajun Carry!

Seriously, Louisiana Firearms Rights or Louisiana Second Amendment Foundation
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 8:12:51 AM EST

Originally Posted By JCKnife:

Originally Posted By Merrell:
"The Pelican State Skunk Ape Self-Defense League"


"Don't let a Skunk Ape get the drop on you"

Red X done got the drop on you.

Skunk Apes, while appearing dull and listless are apparantly Internet savvy... perhaps they have their own version of Echelon and are now on to us!

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