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6/25/2018 7:04:05 PM
Posted: 9/24/2004 2:54:29 PM EDT
Below is a mssg posted at the FAL files mssg board. If anybody can help out, pitch in and drop this guy an email. Or pass it along to anybody you may know who can help this guy out.


Looking for a timing and headspace gauge for a 1919 and a M2HB. Currently working in a less than fashionable suburb of Baghdad and would REALLY like to get my babies in operation. Please e-mail SFA437@aol.com with headspace int he title with prices, and I will PayPal money and send shipping addy.

Thanks for the support guys- without the Files I'd go mad.

Wait a minute I am stark raving, bark at the moon mad.

Thanks for the support guys- without the Files I'd go sane

Currently in Iraq- Snipers Bar & Grille MKIII is open for business somewhere in a somewhat less than fashionable suburb East of Baghdad.

Dollars or Dinars- if it spends it's good.
Link Posted: 9/24/2004 10:55:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/24/2004 11:04:53 PM EDT
I just got a catalog in the mail with M2 timing/headspace gauges and other M2 parts. I think it's in "shooters supply" or something like that. I can understand the need for those but why an M1919? Are they the same?
Link Posted: 9/24/2004 11:08:19 PM EDT

I don't get it. The only pics I've seen of people using a 1919 in Iraq are the shit heads.
Link Posted: 9/24/2004 11:19:33 PM EDT
Second section down, is this what you're looking for?

Link Posted: 9/24/2004 11:20:24 PM EDT
None of us had any trouble find one. What's up with this guy?
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