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Posted: 9/17/2004 1:56:28 PM EDT
this is from another board

I'm passing this from another list I'm on. Seems no one is
beyond the creeps out there. It takes a big pair of bollocks to
do this. The 160 SOAR pilots name is withheld for obvious
reasons and Greg Anderson (BLACKHAWK) is to POC.
Yours Aye,
RICH @B> }

Hello, All, this is from a 160th SOAR helo pilot and "friend of
BlackHawk." He was shot down over Nadjaf in April, recovered
nicely, and is currently CONUS for training. Now he's been
ripped off. Talk about having a bad year! See below. Should
someone get lucky please notify local law enforcement and
contact me at BlackHawk. Thanks. GA

- - - - - - - -

I was in Columbus, GA on Monday, 21 June 04, conducting
training with the AMU at Ft. Benning when 5 weapons and
associated equipment was stolen from my truck. The AR's have a
unique flip sight on the carbon tube and the rifles are set up
for a left hander, because I'm left handed. I know I will
probably never see them but if you hear of any Competition guns
for sale, let me know and I will pay them a visit! Please send
this to your local clubs, ranges, gun shops, and shoot'in
buddies. The Police told me that stolen guns from the area have
been showing up in Atlanta, Huntsville, Montgomery,
Jacksonville, and Tallahssee. Maybe I will get lucky.

1. AR-15, Rock River, 5.56, SN: CM10133, 18" Krieger fluted bbl
with Cooley comp, carbon freefloat tube, Chip McCormick flat
trigger, Ergo grip, YM hard chrome bolt carrier. Leupold 1.5-5
circle dot, 30mm tube.

2. AR-15, Bushmaster, 5.56, SN: 213536, 16" bbl with Miculek
Comp, carbon freefloat tube, collapsible stock, H ogue grip. EO
Tech 511 sight mounted on ARMS EX, ARMS # 40 flip up.
Both rifles have a V-TAC sling, ambi safety, extended bolt
release, and oversize mag release.

3. Remington shotgun, 11-87, 12 GA, SN: PC349439, extended mag,
8 round side saddle, piece of innertube around bbl in front of

4. Dawson/STI 2011, .40 cal, SN: 6 GUNS DM, Parkerized, Full
dust cover, flat top with serrations, French cut slide, rear of
slide serrated, Roupe Grip, Dawson curved slide cuts.

5. Springfield Trophy Match, 1911, .45, SN: NM167829, Burner

- - - - - - - -

Greg Andersen
Divisional Sales Manager
BlackHawk Products Group
4850 Brookside Court
Norfolk, VA 23502
757-436-3101 ext 234

* Webmaster note - This one came in today and I had to post it in
it's "uncut" version. This, my friends pisses me off to no end! Navy
Special Operations.Com offers a $1,000 cash reward for any
information leading to the apprehension, prosecution and conviction
of the asshole (s) who pull this one off. If you have any information
you may provide it, in confidence to

Link Posted: 9/17/2004 2:18:59 PM EDT
In Tallahassee and will be looking...but he's right...having had guns stolen from a vehicle myself in the past, I will...as a retired LEO...admit that the way most investigators "investigate" such crimes is to check the lists of new guns pawned at Pawn Shops. I have zero hope that my former brethren will get off their dead asses to find MY guns, and they most lkely won't to find HIS either...sad to say, but unfortunately...at least in most jurisdictons...true.

Now if K9 fficers were empowered by their agency to begin their own investigations, THAT would be different!
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 2:29:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/17/2004 2:30:00 PM EDT by ms_international]
Our storage bin was broken into - back, way back (out of all places in California)

Hubby got all his guns back - just had to prove to the cops that they were his (DUH!)
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