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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/19/2002 5:13:55 PM EST
TIRED OF JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT GUN CONTROL? HERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Right now --- Friday April 19 - NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN -- SEND A FAX to: TO: California Assembly Public Safety Committee. FAX NUMBER: 1-916-319-3745 Your MAIN Message: I OPPOSE ALL ASPECTS OF AB 2222 !! You can add "It's harassment", "worthless and unnecessary" "More Democrat oppression" or the like. The Assembly is simply "counting" pro and con faxes now, and we don't want them to miss the point. This bill (AB2222) will reclassify .50 BMG rifles as dangerous devices requiring registration and permits to own. Don't care? YOU WILL. After the .50 is reclassified and the precedent is set, they'll be banning the next level down (.458 Win Mag) and the next and the next. What's to stop them? And because of California's political influence they'll be pushing for NATIONAL versions of these laws. NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN - JUST SEND THE FAX, EVEN IF YOU SENT ONE BEFORE! If that's impossible, send it NO LATER than this coming Monday, the 22nd. IT CAN DEFINITELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
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