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Posted: 4/28/2011 9:04:48 PM EDT
Inspired by this thread.

It's 18 years later and Dominic is on the verge of entering the gladiator academies. His life has been a shambles without a consistent male influence and he's gone astray amongst numerous movie sequel cliches. His mother has been an emotional wreck all through his upbringing, jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend without finding any solid role-model for her son. Her own un-fulfilled love-life hasn't helped her emotional stability and she's nearly in ruins as a woman and mother.

Chris returns from exile with a new name and face, but he is desperate to keep his son from a life inside the system.
What direction does the story take? Chris kills all his wife's cracked out suitors and reclaims his family, or does he mentor his son as an unrelated stranger?

Does the story progress vis a vis The Odyssey? Or does it follow more of a Family Business storyline?

You can incorporate any characters known to be living at the end of the original, so probably not Neal McCauley unless you can rationalize it well enough.

Just finish the story.

And if you're butthurt from the thread title tease, keep it to yourself.
Link Posted: 4/29/2011 12:05:58 PM EDT
bumpity bump

maybe daycrew has ideas.
Link Posted: 4/29/2011 12:14:13 PM EDT
Revenge...Chris seeks revenge against Hanna, using his son as an unknown asassin
Link Posted: 4/29/2011 12:35:19 PM EDT
He knocks over a Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Link Posted: 4/29/2011 12:37:13 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/29/2011 12:38:22 PM EDT

Unfortunately that seems all too likely.

Although with the "new face" option mentioned in first post, there could be a completely new actor in the role.

With the revenge on Hanna story, will there be any involvement of step-daughter Lauren?  How messed up is she as an adult? Any chance of co-orbiting events there?
Link Posted: 4/29/2011 6:41:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/29/2011 6:41:14 PM EDT by Hydguy]
Dominic ends up knocking the bottom out of Lauren, she gets pregnant...
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