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Posted: 1/7/2005 2:52:22 PM EDT
About a hundred and fifty Bushmaster competition models. $845.00 or so. Check their website. Sweet!
Link Posted: 1/7/2005 3:02:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/7/2005 3:03:06 PM EDT

Originally Posted By The_Beer_Slayer:
they've been selling them for years to competitors.


Link Posted: 1/7/2005 3:04:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2005 3:07:15 PM EDT by 2A373]
These you don't have to go thru a club, just a FFL.

AR-15 Competition Rifle Sales.  The CMP AR-15 Competition Rifle Sales Program has met its objectives and is being discontinued.  The CMP expresses its sincere thanks to Bushmaster and Compass Lake Engineer­ing for their strong support of this program.  This has been a '"clubs only" program for the past four years, that is, all rifle orders had to be submitted by or through CMP affiliated clubs or state associations.  However, in order to deplete the remaining inventory as quickly as possible, sales are now open to all members of CMP affiliated organizations.  Customers may or­der directly from the CMP without getting their club's approval. Procedures are slightly different than for ordering military surplus items from the CMP.  Quantities are very limited. Please see www.odcmp.com/Rifles/misc.htm for additional information.

2.  How to Order
To order CMP AR-15-Type Competition Rifles, please follow these procedures:

1.    Before ordering a rifle, the individual must be able to execute a Federal Form 4473 and take legal possession of the rifle through an FFL dealer.

2.    Before ordering a rifle, identify an FFL dealer who can receive the rifle and deliver it to the individual. Obtain a signed copy of the dealer's FFL.

3.    Complete the CMP Order Form and send it with the signed FFL copy and payment for the rifle to: CMP AR 15 Type Sales, P.O. Box 576, Port Clinton, OH 43452. NOTE: Shipping Address and contact information of FFL dealer who is to receive the rifle(s) from manufacturer, along with copy of the dealer's Federal Firearms license (FFL), signed in ink by the dealer, must accompany this application. FFL is required for complete rifles only, not for upper receiver assemblies.

4.    The CMP will confirm the applicant's eligibility to purchase and forward orders to the manufacturer.

5.    The manufacturer will ship the rifle directly to the dealer identified in the application, for delivery to the individual designated to receive the rifle. Dealers will conduct NICS checks as required by law.

Link Posted: 1/7/2005 3:29:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/8/2005 5:56:43 AM EDT by piccolo]

Originally Posted By pighelmet:
About a hundred and fifty Bushmaster competition models. $845.00 or so. Check their website. Sweet!

HEADS UP!!!!!!

For those of you that don't shoot competition.

There's a lot of difference between these and 'as issued'ARs!

These are NOT-repeat-NOT simply ARs with a heavy barrel!

These are ARs with free-floated barrels, match triggers and match sights and a 1/8" twist.

These are whippy, canankarous rifles that are capable of incredible accuracy, but are NOT as durable and as tough as the 'as issued' rifles. THIS IS NOT A 'TACTICAL' RIFLE!!!!!!!!!! This is a MATCH rifle. There's a BIG difference! You don't wallow in the mud when you shoot matches.

Also, barrel life isn't all that good. Figure 4-5000 rounds and it's time to rebarrel if you want accuracy.

Also, do NOT buy one and think you're going to get subMOA accuracy wth Wolf or surplus ammo. It ain't gonna happen. These thoroughbreds generally require a diet of handloads, or at the least, BH match in order to perform.

OTOH, if you're interested in shooting NRA Highpower or CMP, it's one hell of a good deal. The rifle will EASILY take you to High Master scores IF YOU DO YOUR PART!!!!!!\

Think carefuly before you go here and make sure you really want a MATCH rifle before you go the route.

ETA:these rifles weigh in at 12.5 pounds. Every space that is viod is lead filled.
Link Posted: 1/8/2005 5:58:46 AM EDT
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