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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/18/2002 6:31:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/18/2002 7:00:13 AM EST by Bign]
proofread my letter to my congressfolk. I wanted to sound a little assertive, but not go overboard. If it was too radical they would probably jusy throw it out. Let me know whatcha think abatit My name is [red] a crazy sombitch wid a gun[/red], and I am one of your constituents in Huntsville, AL. I would like to express my concerns, and see where you stand on the issue of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban which will expire in 2004. I consider this law to be unconstitutional, but my concern now is that it will expire, and would like to ensure that it is NOT renewed OR REPLACED. The occurrence of bayonet lugs, flash suppressors, pistol grips, detachable magazines, etc; are irrelevant to criminal use of any weapon, and it is my opinion that a determined criminal will employ whatever weapon he could find to accomplish his goals. I would, in stead, be a proponent of actual enforcement of the law and stricter penalties for criminals, rather than restricting the types of firearms available to law abiding citizens. “Sporting Purposes” was not the only intent of the second amendment, and I think every American is aware of this. I believe that the intent of the second amendment encompassed my right to maintain firearms for my families’ personal protection as well as “sporting purposes.” I would also like to show concern to other laws (confusing to figure out exactly which laws even after considerable research) which prohibit US-made firearms, specifically those military firearms sold to other countries, from being re-imported into the US, many of which are considered to be of great historical significance to many Americans. It deeply concerns me that many of these symbols of American history are floating around other countries and are probably being sold and traded for the cost of a fast food meal. Having only recently begun a small collection of our countries military firearms, I believe that I deserve, and have a constitutional right, to expand as much as I see fit on this collection which will be passed down through many generations. Current laws are depleting the sources of such relics, and inflating the costs of them as well. I would definitely like to ensure that the right to maintain and expand this collection is protected in the future. These firearms are important to many Americans, and will play a vital role in preserving the history of our great nation. I would like to see legislation to repeal and or amend such laws; or perhaps at least make certain US military firearms exempt for purposes of collecting. I look forward to your response concerning your stance on these issues, and I thank you for your time.
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