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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/22/2001 7:02:47 AM EST
Just looking for some advice from my fellow New York State residents regarding the sale/trade/transfer of handguns within the state and outside the state boundaries. I know the laws for transfers of long guns, but I'm sure there has to be more "red tape" for handguns, I would think. If I was to sell a handgun to someone in another state, do I follow the same procedure as if it was a long gun? (i.e. can ship pistol myself to the recipient's FFL dealer) How about if I trade a handgun for a handgun? How do I work a bill of sale to bring to the Sheriff's Department for amending my CHL? Is a bill of sale from the seller enough or do I need paperwork from the in-state FFL? What if it's a transfer within NYS, is an FFL needed? I'm may be looking to trade or sell a couple handguns soon and this is info I'll need. Unfortunately around my area, if you ask the same question of five FFL dealers, you get five different answers, just like questions about AR's. I also know I can call the Sheriff's Dept. but I'm looking for advice from those of you who have done it before. Thanks in advance for your help. BMAN
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 8:10:34 AM EST
Yes, has to go through a dealer in the buyer's state, if they live in a different state than you do. If doing a trade, you have to ship your handgun to an FFL in the other guy's state, and he has to ship his to an FFL in your state. Not sure about paperwork requirements for instate sales in NY - I'm in Colorado. Good Luck
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 1:08:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/22/2001 1:10:22 PM EST by rkbar15]
All firearm sales/transfers in NYS are entered into a database maintained by the NYSP. You must maintain documentation on any disposition or acquisition of a firearm. Although not specifically required by law the easiest way to do this for an OOS disposition is to go through a NYS FFL holder for transfer to the OOS FFL holder. A dated bill of sale is always a wise thing to obtain. Keep in mind that your county/city will have it's own requirements/procedures in addition to the NYS requirements. Every county/city in NY makes up it's own BS rules. [url]http://www.troopers.state.ny.us/Firearms/FAQs/IndivSale.html[/url] Individual sale or purchase Q - What are the necessary steps involved in the sale of a handgun from one licensee to another? In instances where a handgun is being sold from one licensee to another, the receiving licensee must obtain authorization from his/her licensing officer in the form of an amendment to their permit prior to acquiring the handgun. A Purchase Coupon detailing the specific weapon to be purchased should be completed by the licensing authority prior to the sale and be given to the licensee disposing of the gun as proof of lawful disposition. Note: The licensee selling the gun should complete an amendment to his/her pistol permit disposing of the weapon following the transaction.
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