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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/30/2001 5:08:27 PM EST
About carrying concealed, the sights seem to just tear up my shirts. The cause was the rear sight regardless of make, model, or method of carry. I have a Glock 22 with stock Trijicons on it. I usually carried it in the winter time IWB, or under a shirt. The rear sights(Trijicons) tore up my shirts. I recently traded a Glock 27 with Heinie Straight Eights (nite sites) on it for a stock H&K USP 45 Compact. I think that the Henie sights are alright, not really any better than trijicons and meprollights. The 27 was my primary carry weapon for over a year and a half, but I could never adjust to shooting it well enough to suit my desires and the Heinie sights tore up my shirts, so I upgraded to a H&K 45C (the gun just suited me better and it was more rounded overall than my 27). I am putting a set of novak night sights on the H&K with some minor custom "fitting" by a trusted smith; they are sweeeeeeeet sights! Let all of us know if you have any experience with carry sights that are great, good, ok, or just plain suck. Thanks, Tony
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 5:17:36 PM EST
I know that the title is a little redundant, but you never know who may be trying to sneak an AR-7 on to a plane. Or a butane-powered soldering iron. Or FIRE! That is a story worth writing down and telling the grandkids someday. Treetop, you have more patients than a preschool teacher! Great story & worth the wait.
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 6:02:46 PM EST
Reading is fundamental, but so is writing! Let me/us know your experiences carrying concealed. BTT
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 9:18:04 PM EST
Did you have the 'Slant Pro' version of the Heinie Straight Eight? I had an older version of the Straight Eights that would tear up clothing and leather holters from the sharp angular corners. The newer Slant Pro style rear sight have rounded edges and the back of the sight blade is angled towards the muzzle. Love the sight picture on those Heinies
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 5:35:25 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2001 5:47:20 AM EST by BYU]
I bought them about a year ago and they did have a slight bit of relief to the edges, but they still tore up everything they rubbed up against. I should be getting my H&K 45C w/ custom novak's back from the smith today or tomorrow. Can't wait. I too liked the sight picture, but they need to have white donuts painted around the lamps to be really good. Edited to directly answer the question: yes, they were straight eight slant pro's.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 5:39:59 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2001 5:35:52 AM EST by Chimborazo]
Interesting. I've never had a problem with sights tearing up clothing. The only two guns I carry have Trijicon night sights (G19) and stock Kimber sights (Kimber compact). How do you guys carry? Treetop, I didn't know you were a doctor. [:D]
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 5:52:40 AM EST
I usually carry IWB on the right side around the hip. Ocassionally, I will carry right up front if the shirts allows too much printing. During the winter I sometimes carry on the belt, or with a paddle. Holsters are mostly open top or with a strap over the rear of the slide. I think that most of the wear comes from getting in and out of the car and/or sitting down in chairs or bumping into stuff. I am a big guy (6'03" 270lbs), so it is easy for me to hide a piece on my frame. Lets hear how/what you carry and the sights that you like. Tony
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:07:24 AM EST
For both those guns, I use either a Galco Royal Guard IWB, or a Galco Concealable.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:09:26 AM EST
Big guy? You're just a little scrawny dude! How do you keep from blowing away in the wind BYU? I'm 6'5" and 330 and have no problems with sights chewing up my shirts. Good thing too since at our size shirts cost an arm and a leg! I carry a Glock 23, Kimber Ultra Carry, H&K USP compact .45, Glock 30, Taurus M85 titanium (sweet!) at various times and haven't had that problem. I carry right behind the hipbone on my right or at the small of my back. I use a Kramer holster, several different fobus holsters (those are awesome) and various galco belt slides. Oh and an ankle holster sometimes. Are you near BYU? I'm in Spanish Fork, we should get together and burn some powder sometime. My buddy just left me with 8 or 9 fun rifles while he's out doing a job and carte blanche to use them as I may. You play ball at the Y? crashburnrepeat matt
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:12:53 AM EST
I carry a Kimber Pro Carry in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II, and that rear sight rocks. No problems with it at all. Now, my HK USP Tactical, on the other hand... Not that it can even be concealed under a frickin' parka, but that adjustable rear sight is a killer. Even carrying it around in a kydex paddle, I've ended some days with cuts and torn t-shirts.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:19:13 AM EST
Crashburnrepeat, Yeah, I am near BYU. I am in the accounting program at the Y. I usually go shooting once a week at the shooting range in AF. I would love to play ball for the cougars, but I ain't got no time, and I am not so sure that they would have a place for me since they can pretty much pick and choose who they want. I just transferred to the Y in January. Are you a cougar fan? I am looking forward to the game tomorrow. The cougars will be 9-0 (BCS, here we come)! Drop me an email. As to holsters, I have used fobus and bianchi. I am saving my milk money for a mitch rosen rig ($$$). Holsters and a good belt are the proverbial missing link between a great gun that shoots well and feels good in your hand and a concealable gun that you feel comfortable packing anywhere. Any one got some insight to share? Lets hear it.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:32:56 AM EST
Accounting?!! ARRRGGHH the numbers!!! I tried to pick the major with the least amount of numbers as possible; Poly Sci/IR. I can't count past ten unless I'm wearing sandals! I am a cougar fan, I played there 89-95 (90-91 I was in Finland) and have kept an eye on them ever since. It's awesome what Crowton's doing with them, makes me wish I was younger and playing for him although LaVell was awesome too. One thing I'm glad for is I'm not playing for that new strength coach Jay Omer, he sounds like he's about killing those poor guys in workouts. I talked to Ryan Denny right before the season and asked about Omer and he just rolled his eyes and got this funny twitch. You're right that the holster is the forgotten piece of the carrying system. I see lots of guys with 600 dollar guns in $20.00 nylon holsters and complaining about it. (says the guy with the $14.00 plastic fobus) I was always disappointed by cheap holsters until I bought the Fobus series. It's kind of like these guys that pay $800.00 for a really nice accurate rifle and then slap a $59.00 Walmart scope on it and then complain about it. matt
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 6:41:05 AM EST
cbr: Omer the ogar! HA HA, those guys doing strength training are wimps. Try air assault school or rifle pt or hand to hand over a week! As for the cougars, I think that the defensive coordinator sucks. We have got some of the best, if not the best LB's in the nation and it seems every game we are getting raped up the middle all during the first half and then the defense wakes up just in time for the second half! I have heard that kydex holsters are rough on the finish of a gun. Any experience with this. The fobus did cause some finish wear points on my 27, but it was just cosmetic. Which piece do you like the best to carry? What is your favorite set up? Tony
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