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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/16/2001 8:56:17 PM EST
A lot of people are talking about this inexpensive pistol right now, so I thought I'd post some actual results. A bud of mine picked one up at the gunshow today, and we took it to the range. 9mm, 3rd generation. Examining it's design, it is very similar to the Glock 19. Breakdown is very similar as well. Trigger pull is much shorter than the glock, and I found the takeup was much lighter, and the break was similar. I didn't always find the trigger break to be consistent. Every once in a while, the trigger break seemed to get very light, like 2 pounds or so, and then the next shot would be back to 5 or 6 pounds. Could have been me.... so dont take the above too much to heart. We put about 200 rounds through it, and it ate everything we threw at it, Win. White box, CCI blazer, Winclean, and Greek Nato 124 gr. Zero malfunctions. It has a "firing pin indicator" on the back to let you know when the pistol is ready to fire. Not too worthwile. Mags are shiny chrome-or-nickel plated metal, came with 2. They drop free very easily. From a benchrest at 20 yds, I was able to empty a mag into a 2" hole. That was pretty impressive.... not too awful shabby since I am not all the great a shooter, and this is exactly the kind of results I get from my glock. Overall, for a pistol that is $302 tax and all, I think it was a pretty nice gun. I'd probably take a CZ75 over it from it's reputation, but the HS2000 is definitely not a pistol to be written off in the value range.
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 10:32:39 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2001 11:11:13 AM EST by MatthewDaugherty]
I bought one about five months ago for a starter pistol for my sister. I just got around to test firing it about three weeks ago and again about a week later. My first impressions were not as good as the last time. I find it very comfortable. I like the trigger pull even though I'm not used to it. I usually shoot a USP so its a totally different trigger. No malfunctions. I shot 100 rounds of win white box both times. Accuracy was not as good as I wanted first time I shot it around 3-4 inch groups free hand at 10 yards. The second trip I could get around 2 inch groups at 10 yards. My magazines also dropped free every time. I will definitely buy another for myself as a car gun or range gun. Although I would not have a problem as a carry gun, but when you carry a HK USP why? I think its a great buy for the price. The only thing weird about it is that the back rails are a polymer and the front ones are metal, very brassiere. No Slack!
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 11:01:24 AM EST
I just competed in an iformal match with mine yesterday... About 15 guys or so... Against HK's, SIGS, Rugers, 1911's, Glocks, blah blah blah. 1 Stage was a Hostage stage, where the shooter had to make 2 seperate head-shots on small targets hidden behind 2 steel torso sized Shil at about 20. Hit the hostage, and your score was "0"... 1 1911, 2 HK's, and my HS were the only ones to completley clear the stage. On the bullseye phase at 20 yards, the only gun to keep all 6 rounds on the target was my HS... [IMG]http://wsphotofews.excite.com/025/ox/zP/8H/tP74216.jpg[/IMG] I own a Glock 17, and a Glock 20. If $$$ weren't a concern, I wouldn't trade my HS for any Glock. People thing that they have to pay big $$$ to get a superior gun. If HS were smart, they would double thier prices, just so guys would compare it against the pricier Glock. My favorite 9MM, period. Matter of fact, if HS made a 15 shot 10MM, I wouldn't hesitate to swap my G20 for one. No, they aren't "Glock Clones"... They use a Seecamp guide rod, Glock type trigger and frame, Sig takedown lever, Sights with Sig Dovetails, Grip safety ala 1911, and a bunch of other features.... All the HS mag is, is a Beretta/Taurus 92 mag with the catch-hole in a different place. Get a 15 Round pre-ban Beretta or Taurus mag, drill a 3/8 hole in the right spot, and VIOLA! 100% functionial 15 Rounders for your HS... I have thousnads and thousands and thousands of rounds through mine, and not 1 hiccup.... The best polymer gun out there IMO....and the fact that they so inexpensive is a HUGE bonus. Remember....Glocks were fairly FFL inexpensive when they first came out... The only reason they are $500.00 now is because they are so popular, and Glock knows they can charge it, and get away with it. HS's will be more expensive soon. They are just too good a gun. GrOwingGrass
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 11:48:27 AM EST
BTT-- More people need to know about this gun
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