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Posted: 8/25/2005 8:35:47 AM EDT

HC: Hey Ronald! Did ya' hear they cloned a sheep?

R: Yes, I did.

HC: Hey! What if they cloned a dinosaur?...Would ya' eat it?

R: You know, I haven't really given it much thought.

HC: I know I would. Char broiled dinosaur covered in gravy. Side of curly fries. I bet they'd call it the Dinosaur Special.

R: Yes, I guess they would.

HC: So how 'bout it Ronald? Would you eat a dinosaur?

R: What...What does this have to do with...

HC: Hey, don't jerk me around Ronald! It's a simple question! Would you eat a dinosaur?

R: I guess I would.

HC: I think you've made a wise choice. Boy, I wish those scientists would hurry up. I'm gettin' hungry.

R: Well, Harry, I'm sure that kind of cloning is a long way off.

HC: I hope so, cuz' when they start cloning humans...Sure it would be good for the species, but emotionally, we'd all be dead!

(Ronald is looking very perplexed.)

HC: Well, that's all the time we have. Before we leave, one important program note: Next week we'll be broadcasting from the center of the Sun.

(Stage hand leans in and whispers in Harry's ear.)

HC: Oh, thanks Pete. Apparently, the center of the Sun is eight billion degrees. You probably knew that, Ronald.

R: Yes. I did.

HC: So I guess we'll stay right here. That's kind of a relief. See ya' next time! Cubs win! Cubs win!

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