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7/8/2020 3:01:36 PM
Posted: 4/18/2001 8:23:23 PM EDT
I'm watching this show on HBO about the evangelical ministers that preach before crowds of millions... and then rob them of millions of dollars.  Look, I never had a problem with it because if belief makes people feel better about themselves who cares the cause... But after watching this show, I can't beleive how these people get taken advantage of by these men.  These guys carefully and strategically work the crowds up into a frenzy and then at their most vulnerable point, ask them to give money for the lord.  Its funny though, I never knew that the lord had checking accounts in the name of evangelical ministers... this crap is nuts!
I believe in the lord, but i feel sorry for these desperate people that get "prayed" (no pun intended) upon by a handful of insidious and guiltless people.
Whats so lacking in these peoples lives that they would swollow this mumbo jumbo.  I'm sure many of them are well educated and I would assume that the majority of them are of average intelligence...what gives???
Link Posted: 4/18/2001 8:49:39 PM EDT
If you want to see why, watch "The human zoo" on TLC.  Very interesting show.  Shows how all kinda of individuals invesigate and run from a fire when alone.  But with a group (of actors paid to sit there) stays, they stick around even with smoke, and fire alarms going off.  The people stayed seated like the group.  

They show all kinds of footage of very intersting experiments on human behavior.
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