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Posted: 4/15/2006 6:50:30 PM EST
I used to intern at a gunshop and, the beamz story motivated me to post my own.

The following is a copy of an email I sent last year and, the names have been changed to protect the innocent...

GA HTF crew, I know some of you know where I used to work - please don't mention the name of the store I worked at.

I've got a good relationship with them and I'd like to keep it...

They have an account here and they visit sometimes.


I sent this message to *My Friend* a little while back...

Under my message is how he responded:

The first day I did really good. Today was my second
day. I also did good today (I'm not dead yet and, no
extra holes have been added).

The email is about the kind of shit that goes on when
you work at a store that is accessible to the public.

My father says you will meet three kinds of people.
"Peons" "Pissants" and "Miscellaneous Dick-Heads".
Well, I met a Miscellaneous Dick-head.

I am doing everything that the normal employees do. I
was working the cash register and a guy (Heavy black
dude in his late 30s) walks in. He looks like he was
high on something. His girlfriend walks in with him.
As soon as I saw his eyes and the look on his face, I
asked *My Co-worker*, "That glock under the desk is what I think
it's for right?". He nodded yes.

The guy walks up to me and says, "What are yew doin'
behin' tha' counter?" "They can't trust yeeewww".

I made a fake grin.

Here's how the rest went down:

Guy: How old are yeeewww?

Me: **.... I'm a late bloomer...

Guy: I have a friend who just had his first
sexuuuuaaaal experience. He was 30 yeeeeaaars old.

Me: Oh really? (What the fuck?!?!)

Guy: Those damn womeeen are nuthiin' but trouble.

Me: Yeah... (Oooookkkaaayyy...)

Girlfriend: *Makes the crazy hand gesture*

Guy: I want a box of .380.

Me: Sure sir...

I rang up the box of ammo and took his cash. He took a
kel-tec out of his pocket (no holster) and started
loading the magazine in front of me with the gun on
the counter with the ammo I just sold him. His
girlfriend said, "I'm outta here" and walks out. *My co-worker*
and I are looking at this guy HARD. I definitely didn't say

We don't allow loaded guns in the shop. He put the
loaded magazine in the gun while it was pointed in my
direction. I walked to the other side of the store just in case the SHTF. He put the gun back in his pocket.

Let me hear one of your stories.


Working in a retail shop has definitely soured MY view
of the gun-owning public. I would say that a maximum
of 20 percent of the people who walked in had any
business handling a gun, let alone own one.

***** and I were out there one day when ***** was
testing a gun before the IPSC Nationals. A gold-tooth
bastard ()was in there shooting his .25 and a piece of
brass landed in his collar. He drops his head and
starts brushing at the brass with his hand. He exits
his individual shooting booth and comes around with
the gun. He has it pointed straight at my chest with
his finger on the trigger, walking towards me without
looking. I parried the gun away from us and then
pointed his whole arm towards the ceiling forcibly. I
am screaming at him and he is just looking at me like
I am the one that is crazy.

Then we had the "blood on the range" incidents....

When your customer's ho said "I am out of here", I
would have been SO close to drawing down on him. Those
words are often said by accomplices just before
something goes down.


I don't work at this range anymore and I don't shoot at public ranges...

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