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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/14/2001 2:18:20 AM EST
I'm almost always armed in the can. Is this wierd? I guess I just don't want to be caught with my pants down, (he he).Aybody else do this or am I just paranoid. [%|]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 2:24:39 AM EST
Armed and never without my Weimy. I don't know why, but she freaks if she can't go in the can with me. And she never let's me read- I end up playing a scaled down version of fetch with anything I can pick up.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 2:31:50 AM EST
Our golden's the same way, man that's some funny sh**!![:d]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 2:49:34 AM EST
I'd feel kind of 'naked' in the bathroom without some sort of weapon.[:D] Wasn't it Sonny Corleone, who told one of his lieutenants, that he didn't want his brother Michael coming out of the john at the restaurant with just his weenie in his hand (Godfather, PartI)? Well, my thoughts exactly! Eric The(AndItBetterBeAWellEndowedWeapon,Too!)Hun[­>]:)]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 2:58:29 AM EST
AH HA! keep a piece in the BR just in case, hopefully a handgun, we don't want you blasting away full auto with a 16 now do we?
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 2:59:04 AM EST
What is the perfect bathroom weapon? Maybe something stainless? What do you think.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 3:01:38 AM EST
Very odd...I thought it was just a cop thing to carry guns into the bathroom with you. For me, it all started with, "what the hell do you do with your gunbelt when nature calls and you can't use the stationhouse bathroom?" Ever since that I've always had my Glock 26 with me.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 3:10:00 AM EST
I hear ya waverunner, nothin worse than having to take all that crap off, when you gotta use the can!!
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 4:15:50 AM EST
I'm such a badass, I only defend myself with an issue of Hustler's Barely Legal, and my odorific eminations.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 4:22:05 AM EST
I always figured I could sling shit at someone, but I guess it would be real embarassing for the coroner to tag you while you were plantin' a cactus. [%|]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 5:48:37 AM EST
Count me in! My S&W in a IWB comes out and goes on top of the toilet tank. Shower time comes (Sat night)I just throw a towel on top of it. Hasnt gotten any rustier yet!
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 6:03:05 AM EST
A off-duty cop in Columbia SC was at the mall & had to use the john. He was carying IWB mexican. His pants were a little loose while going, so he stuck the pistol under his arm facing backwards. This is when the bad guy decided to hold him up. Cop acted as if reaching for his wallet in the coat pocket & shot the perp from under his arm & jacket behind him.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 6:25:49 AM EST
TOBIN, you need a gun in the bathroom, just in case one of those little turds gets out of hand and the SHTF! gee that rhymes...
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:03:37 AM EST
Many years ago when I was working narcotics my partner commented about the number of guns I had all over the house and asked if I showered with a gun. Without getting up I told him to go look in the soap tray in the shower. He found my model 60 Smith there. [b]Steve in VA[/b], you've got a Weimeraner(sp?)? Cool. The best dog I ever had, and I have had several damn good dogs, was a female Weimeraner. These days it is Chows and Wolves.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:11:24 AM EST
I dont really keep any firearms lieing around but I do have a machete always nearby.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:18:11 AM EST
FREEZE.....I have Charmin.[moon] TMA
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:28:17 AM EST
STOP! Or my Ass will shoot! [moon]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:36:39 AM EST
i ber ya all imbrog|o hs is a cell phone with 911 on speed dial [:D]
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 7:39:34 AM EST
Gunslinger, Yup. She's 9 months and 60 pounds of pure fun. I take her on a 7 mile run and she's still bouncing off the walls. She's a big baby and gentle as can be- will not leave my side. Wolves??????
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 8:08:27 AM EST
I want to get a Crome plated 12 gage with a pistol grip. This would be good for any room of the house.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 8:20:17 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 8:29:18 AM EST
TOBIN: Might I suggest a Glock w/ a fluted firing pin that way you want have to take it out of the bubbles, I'm beginning to worry about some of you gents..... Personally the smell will generally take care of any un-authorized entries at my house, at least for 15-20 min. till they regain consciousness.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 9:20:54 AM EST
"This is my rifle, this is my gun! This one's for fighting, this one's for fun!" I use my gun to pee in the bathroom... what are you doing with yours? Bwahahahaha! You said you were washing your hands! M.
Link Posted: 8/14/2001 10:08:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By AILapua:
Originally Posted By tc6969: Count me in! My S&W in a IWB comes out and goes on top of the toilet tank. Shower time comes (Sat night)I just throw a towel on top of it. Hasnt gotten any rustier yet!
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Only Saturday nights. LMAO !!!! Just kidding, tc. Ai
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Whether I need it or not!
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