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Posted: 9/29/2001 7:50:53 PM EDT
About every three weeks I do a run to most of the relatively local gunshops (about 80 miles worth of driving), just to check inventory and pick up anything interesting. I usually do this on a Saturday, and generally, there are rarely more than one or two other people in the stores (with the exception of one shop that also is an active shooting range). Every shop was packed with people; for the first time I actually had to say "excuse me" to get a look at cases and gun racks. Every store had people processing paperwork. Even the out-of-the-way shop where I do a fair amout of business (a well stocked little place that also handles Class 3 stuff) was packed. I started my tour their at 11 AM and stopped back at 2:30 to make a few purchses (CZ75, P32, VEPR II; he had the best prices on all) and the place was mobbed both times. A couple of the shops had multiple cases of ammo sitting open on the floor with "per box" pricing that was, in some cases, totally out of line for surplus and plinking ammo. And I got to overhear a couple of those great gunshop converstations where you have to stop yourself from beating the guy behind the counter to death because he's so full of it. And of course, the customers, most apparently newbies, taking in every word as if it was written on stone tablets. At least I got some new toys [:)] I'll hit the range tomorrow to see how they work. Wonder how crowded the range will be?
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 7:54:59 PM EDT
a crowded range is better than no range at all!!!!!
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