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Posted: 8/30/2004 3:48:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/30/2004 4:12:37 PM EDT by Mr10anahaf]
There was another thread today that reminded me of last few “Gun Show Stories” threads. It’s been awhile so ….. let’s hear um.
I wish I had a good one but this is all I have :

I was attempting to sell my AR at a show a few months ago, I had it marked with a For Sale sign on the butt stock. A gentleman had just stopped me to inquire about the price, I told him $800.00 , He said that was fair but he just did not have it right now. He seemed to be a nice guy and we chatted a bit about AR’s and such , about half way through our conversation we were rudely interrupted with a “Yo is dat a ma’chine gun?” coming from the mouth of a younger gentleman who appeared to be wearing a much larger mans’ pants ( you get my drift). Both the guy I was talking to and I looked at each other like “ here we go”

I addressed the young man with manufactures name and mol of my AR, he appeared to be very interested , he then motioned to his friends whom he had brought to the show with him. They come over and also began to make comments about my rifle. To my surprise they too looked as if they had barrowed this fats mans pants, and were having trouble keeping them up. Well after a lengthily discussion , during which I explained that “no” it was not full auto and “no” it was not a 9mm, things finally boiled down to price , to which I after sending a wink to the first gentleman I was talking to, I quoted Mr Big pants, $2,500.00 out the door and I’ed even toss in a sling. I don’t know how the other guy kept from busting out laughing, but his face was turning red from holding his breath. Needless to say the fat pants crew walked away with out my rifle.

I guess you had to be there, but the [ants guys face was priceless.
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